Tougi the Toad is a Hmong folktale about self-esteem. Tougi does not like to be a toad. He wants to be someone else. In his journey of exploring, he comes across many different type of animals and people that he wants to be. In the end, he finds that he is what he wants to be, and finds his smile.
Hardcover, 36 pages
ISBN-10: 0989208400
ISBN-13: 9780989208406
1 Book Review
  • kl0wnb3rry
    kl0wnb3rryFriday, August 10, 2018 at 3:38 pm
    Not as good as i thought it is babyish but i will give the creator some credit cause he made this for kids smaller than me i was such foolish to read a book like this cause i know i am not a baby i know they will like this it will be a great book for them congrats Gaonou thao you make good children book i may get inspired by you to make books or maybe be a teacher and read them your really great childrens books again congrats i might look at all your books to see some!