White Horse of Zennor: And Other Stories from Below the Eagle's Nest

A set of five haunting, enchanting tales from the master storyteller behind War Horse
Since the beginning of time, strange and mysterious things have happened here. There are stories from the past of mermaids and spriggans and knockers and witches. The stories in this book however do not come from the past. They have all happened in my lifetime.
At the furthest edge of Britain, where the sea gently washes over the land and myths brush against reality, lies Zennor. Since the beginning of time strange and mysterious things have happened there, and these stories highlight all the most haunting and enchanting events. Once a year, on a misty fall night, there is a pounding of hoof beats as a great white horse comes thundering over the moor in the moonlight. Then there are the old tin miners that Cherry meets when she is cut off by the incoming tide, as well as limping Billy who learns to swim with the seals. The proud Thomas Barbery and the intriguing Mad Miss Marney also add their own stories to this unforgettable collection.
Paperback, 152 pages
Published on April 1, 2012 by Egmont UK
ISBN-10: 1405256753
ISBN-13: 9781405256759
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  • nzcoolkid
    nzcoolkidabout 6 years33 stars
    This book was an early story from the Children's Laureate, so I have to admit he has done better. However, I did like the plot of each story and how, in the last story, it is mentioned that they're all written by the lady it's about. Truly a good read!