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Grades 5 - 9Grades 3 - 5n/a4.837680
Harvey Swick had been swallowed by the great grey beast, February. School was boring, it was raining, he had nothing to do and he was caught in the grim dull months between the delights of Christmas and the anticipation of sunny holidays. Until, that is, Rictus takes him to the Holiday House.
Hardcover, 229 pages
ISBN-10: 0002241447
ISBN-13: 9780002241441
7 Book Reviews
  • pandapal
    pandapalover 1 year55 stars
    This book is truly one of a kind. If you are looking for a fin, magical, and a bit scary story, this is for you! The setting is mostly in a strange house with many secrets and surprises. Many other kids have visited this place, and disappeared. The main character is a boy named Harvey Swick, and he is on a quest to find out about this place, and get some of his friends back. Will the house capture him too?
    • tarni
      tarniover 3 years55 stars
      In this book, a kid named Harvey is really bored in the month or February. When all of a sudden a creepy man name Rictus comes and brings him to Mr. Hood's holiday house. Little does he know what awaits him. There he meets 2 friends Wendell and Lulu. Wendell just loves the holiday house. His favorite thing to say is who cares. At the holiday house, Mr. Hood is the owner, except Harvey, hasn't seen this Mysterious Mr. Hood. And like the inquisitive person, he is he wants to find this Hood if he does exist. Or does he not exist?
      • HIHIHIalmost 4 years
        It was ookay, but it is unreal, grotesque, and i hate all the characters.
        • lmhewlett
          lmhewlettalmost 4 years55 stars
          This book is about a boy named Harvey who meets a man named Ricktus. He takes Harvey to the “holiday house”, where he also meets a woman named Miss Griffin. There’s also a boy named Wendell. There is lots of magic in this book, including time warping. A day spent in the holiday house equals a year in the real world. Kids who spend too long there turn into fish in the lake. This book is somewhat intense, very original and creative, but more time could have been spent developing certain characters and events. It’s a very interesting book, full of magic.
          • Anonymous almost 4 years
            It was a great book but it also kinda traumatized me
            • lmhewlett
              lmhewlettalmost 4 years55 starsFeatured
              In this book, Harvey and Wendall are two kids who are really bored, and are taken to a house during holiday. They discover that the house has magic. They try to escape the house, but discover that everything in the house are illusions, including the people. Every day in the house was a year. Another character, Mr. Hood, is trying to persuade Harvey to become his Apprentice by giving him what he desires, but Harvey refuses. The book is interesting, it can be scary with lots of weird creatures. But, this may be a good experience for readers to inspire them to read fantasy titles. Fantasy books are special. *Warning* there is some language in this book...but it is still a good book.
              • playpuses_rock
                playpuses_rockover 5 years
                This book is amazing! I loved following the adventures of Harvey and Wendall as they struggle to overcome the mysterious Mr. Hood and defeat the magical trap that lures children in, with no wish of returning them to their families.