Thus for to write, I did not understand That I at all should make a little book In such a mode :nay, I had undertook To make another ;which, when almost done, Before I was aware, I this begun. And thus it was :I, writing of the way And race of saints in this our gospel-day, Fell suddenly into an allegory A bout their journey, and the way to glory. In more than twenty things, which I set down. This done, I twenty more had in my crown ;A nd they again began to multiply, Like sparks that from the coals of fire do fly. Nay, then, thought I, if that you breed so fast. Ill put you by yourselves, lest you at lastS hould prove ad infinitum, and eat out The book that I already am about. Well, so I did ;but yet I did not think To show to all the world my pen and ink In such a mode ;I only thought to make I knew not what :nor did I undertake Thereby to please my neighbour ;no, not I; I did it mine own self to gratify. Neither did I but vacant seasons spend In this my scribble ;nor did I intend But to divert myself, in doing this, From worser thoughts, which make me do amiss.
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Paperback, 368 pages
Published on October 10, 2017 by Whitaker House
ISBN-10: 1629119458
ISBN-13: 9781629119458
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