The Name of this Book Is Secret (The Secret Series)

Book 1 of 5 in the The Secret Series
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Grades 3 - 7Grades 3 - 6U5.659485
Read the series that's sold more than 2 million copies--if you dare!

this description has not been authorized by Pseudonymous Bosch. As much as he'd love to sing the praises of his book (he is very vain), he wouldn't want you to hear about his brave 11-year old heroes, Cass and Max-Ernest. Or about how a mysterious box of vials, the Symphony of Smells, sends them on the trail of a magician who has vanished under strange (and stinky) circumstances. And he certainly wouldn't want you to know about the hair-raising adventures that follow and the nefarious villains they face. You see, not only is the name of this book secret, the story inside is, too. For it concerns a secret. A Big Secret.
Hardcover, 400 pages
Published on May 12, 2015 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0316265020
ISBN-13: 9780316265027
230 Book Reviews
  • guyking559
    guyking5592 months
    i just start this book in class so I hope it's good.
    • lokadog
      lokadog8 months44 stars
      Would this be a really good book for me if I have a really hard time picking out a book and if I have a really hard time getting interested in a book...Because I need a book for a book project.
      • pennywise1820
        pennywise1820almost 2 years55 stars
        This book is great. I recommend this book for people that like mystery books. It is kind of funny too. So actually this book is good for people that like mystery but not too serious so people that like mystery and put humorous books.
        • daredevil396
          daredevil396almost 2 years55 stars
          This is the first in the secret series, I really think anyone would like this, it has tons of humor and a lot of action. Please read it I dare you.
          • midnightmoon190
            midnightmoon190about 2 years55 stars
            i love this book soooo good
            • applesaregucci
              applesaregucciover 2 years55 stars
              This book was AMAZING and I don't say this a lot. I LOVE mysteries and these series of books had SO MANY. It was a bit scary at times, but I still loved the book. There were even some funny parts. I would recommend this series to mystery fans.
              • shayshaygirl25
                shayshaygirl25almost 3 years55 stars
                this book was really funny but scary some times. I wonder where the author got the idea...
                • wolfchildren
                  wolfchildrenabout 3 years55 stars
                  7 year old: This book series is awesome, but I like the Bad Books a little better. 9 year old: I really liked this series (pseudonymous Bosch loves chocolate!) Mom: We all loved this series, it's got some creepiness factors to it, and I think we all like the Bad Books just a bit better, but this series plays with eternal life and the creepy things the bad guys had to do to get eternal life. Our good guys kept thwarting their plans mwahaha.
                  • lilbug747
                    lilbug747about 3 years55 stars
                    This book was amazing and left me intrigued! This book follows Cass, and Max Ernest! Cass is prepared for every situation, and Max Ernest, can’t stop chitchatting. Life suddenly changes for these two odd and unlikely friends, when they unintentionally meet Dr. L and Ms. Mauvis. And something is off, very off about these two adults. Before Cass and Max Ernest know it, they are in many life or death situations, were they have to choose between there heart or their gut! This book makes you invested in the lives, hardships, secrets, and the friendship between the two!
                    • kappakappak
                      kappakappakabout 3 years55 stars
                      I loved this book because it is all about code breakers. Bosch's writing style is wonderful, and I like how it is serious and humorous at the same time.