When a racing greyhound becomes ill she is abandoned by her racing kennels. She finds herself scratching a hard living on the streets. A former cruel owner catches sight of her when he visits the town. She knows that she must escape from him. The dog runs from the town and wanders wearily along a road which leads her to Humpty's door.
Humpty is a kind man who has spent many years with only the birds' and animals' of the fields and woods for company. He and the dog are amazed to find that they can understand each other's speech. Humpty asks the dog to share his life. The dog soon realises that she has found love and her forever home with Humpty.
On their very first outing together a frightening incident with a wild boar leads to a new friendship with a cantankerous old parrot who defends the dog from the wild beast. The threesome sets out on many adventures together after finding a magic sword on a haunted island. The sword tells them of its life in the sixteenth century and of its need to establish the circumstances behind its Master's murder.
Their quest to establish the truth leads them into dangers, mystical adventures and encounters with paranormal beings.
Humpty finds that his life is full of all kinds of people some of whom become his friends while others will always be foes. The dog's life blossoms further when she finds a barely alive dog that she is determined to restore to full health.

This novel has been written for eight to twelve year old children but adults who love dogs may find the novel a relaxing read.

There are 76,883 words in this book.

A paperback copy of the book is available through Amazon, the Kerry Greyhound Connection and the Retired Greyhound Trust of Great Britain.

Emma Greyling, the author of this tale, lives in England on the North Norfolk coast with her husband and two retired greyhounds. Her motivation for writing the novel was based on her adoption of a three legged greyhound from a small Charity that saves Irish greyhounds from being killed after their brief working lives. Emma has, and will continue to donate the royalties and profits from this book to the Kerry Greyhound Connection and other animal charities.
Paperback, 236 pages
Published on July 22, 2010 by AuthorHouseUK
ISBN-10: 1452019258
ISBN-13: 9781452019253
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