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Mark Watney is a dead man walking.

As a member of the Ares 3 Mars mission, he landed with five crewmates for an assignment meant to be a month long. Then the storm came, and the crew was forced to evacuate. Watney, presumed dead by the rest of his team, was left behind.

Watney made it through the storm, but with communications wiped out, he has no way of telling Earth that he’s alive. Even if he did, outfitting a mission to collect him would take years. He’s run the numbers, and the odds are literally impossible.

On Earth, and on the ship Hermes, friends and strangers alike grieve for a fallen hero, while alone on an alien planet where even the smallest mistake means certain death, the man they mourn struggles to survive.

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Kindle Edition, 46 pages
Published on August 12, 2015
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  • icecat9791
    icecat9791about 6 years55 stars
    This book is a constantly exciting book, the plot of which keeps you on the edge of your seat constantly. It is realistic fiction, but more realistic than many other books of the same genre. Watch out for the movie, coming out In October.