Ella's mother ends up in a coma after giving birth to her new baby brother and Ella is forced to make her peace with her new stepdad. At school, she loses a best friend and copes with a bully, but her new friend Joseph shares her enthusiasm for whales and becomes an unexpected source of support.
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on October 4, 2010 by Doubleday UK
ISBN-10: 0385618158
ISBN-13: 9780385618151
4 Book Reviews
  • popo13681
    popo13681over 7 years
    I have read this book at least 5 times before. I love this book. I'm reading it again today!
    • jellybean1
      jellybean1about 7 years
      You keep telling me I should read this and I think I should. You seem to really like it! :)
    • president101
      president101over 8 years33 stars
      Ella's mother is sick and has comma and she has to live with her step dad. She hates her step dad and wants her real dad back to take care of her. She doesn't even goes to school even when her step dad tells her to. One day, she goes to school and does a project about and for the next few days she goes to school and sees her mum every day. She is fascinated about whales and a whole book about it. Will Ella's love for whales bring her mum back?
      • aquaboom22
        aquaboom22over 9 years
        enjoy!!! love it and like the author