The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -Legendary Edition- (The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition)

A young boy named Link must defeat evil at every turn on his long, perilous quest to find the Triforce and deliver it to Princess Zelda!

The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Edition contains two volumes of the beloved The Legend of Zelda manga series, presented in a deluxe format featuring new covers and color art pieces by Akira Himekawa. The battle for Hyrule and the Sacred Realm has begun! A young boy named Link must defeat evil on his long, perilous quest to find the spiritual stones that hold the key to the Triforce, and deliver them to Zelda, princess of the land of Hyrule.

Young Link embarks on a perilous quest to find three spiritual stones that hold the key to the Triforce, the wielder of which will rule the world! Link's plan is to deliver the stones to the Princess of the mystical land of Hyrule, Zelda. But obstacles abound and his long journey has only just begun!
Paperback, 378 pages
Published on November 1, 2016 by VIZ Media LLC
ISBN-10: 1421589591
ISBN-13: 9781421589596
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  • fastfoxreader
    fastfoxreaderFriday, June 16, 2017 at 4:21 pm55 starsFeatured
    Another AWESOME Zelda book. It is about this boy named Link who is a Kokiri. One day, the gardian spirit of the forest is cursed. Link goes to check it out and figures out a monster is eating the Great Deku Tree. He defeats the monster. Then, the Great Deku Tree tells him to go to Princess Zelda and give her the Kokiri Emerald. Link goes to find princess Zelda, then gives her the Kokiri's Emerald. She tells him to find the other 2 spiritual stones. Link goes and finds the Goron Ruby and the Zora's Sapphire. But when he goes back to the castle Zelda is being followed by the evil king, Ganondorf! He couldn't get to Zelda since she was riding a horse. But, Link knew what to do. He went to the Temple of Time. He played the Song of Time on his ocarina. He saw the Master Sword and pulled it out. Link closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was an ADULT!!! He ignored it and went to the town. But it was DESTROYED. Redeads filled the town. But Link knows what to do. He adventures through all the cursed temples, getting all the sacred medallions. He meets a strange man named Sheik, who is a Sheikah. Link soon finds out that Sheik is just Princess Zelda in disguise! But at the moment, Ganondorf captures her! Link quickly goes to Ganon's Castle. Link fights Ganondorf then exits the castle. But Ganondorf wasn't done. He transformed into Ganon, a HUGE pig guy.( I think) Link finds his weakness, then finishes Ganon, with a HUGE spin attack. After that, Zelda tells Link that she actually tried to to take the Triforces, which caused Ganondorf to try and get it too. She sends Link back to the past, seven years ago, when Link was a young boy. Link smils then leaves. I LOVED this awesome book!