The Last Hope (Warriors: Omen of the Stars No. 6)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 4n/a4.071771

The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever. . . .

After countless moons of treachery, Tigerstar's Dark Forest apprentices are ready to lay siege upon the warrior Clans. As Jayfeather, Dovewing, and Lionblaze prepare to lead their Clanmates into battle, they await the arrival of the mysterious fourth warrior who is prophesied to help lead the Clans to glory.

The darkest hour the Clans have ever faced has dawned. Hopes will be shattered and heroes will rise as the warriors fight for their very survival.

Hardcover, 384 pages
Published on April 3, 2012 by HarperCollins
ISBN-10: 0061555274
ISBN-13: 9780061555275
70 Book Reviews
  • masteremilycool
    masteremilycool9 months55 stars
    I have to say, Warriors is definitely one of the best book series ever! I've read most of the books and I'm so excited for the new book River a Starless Clan coming in april
    • feathertail_rc
      feathertail_rcover 1 year55 stars
      Great book. just great! Erin Hunter really made this book work with the plot line. It was just great! Totally am gonna read this again
      • warriorcatskid
        warriorcatskidalmost 2 years55 stars
        THE BEST WARRIOR BOOK IN HISTORY(all the other books are great to!) The battle with the Dark Forest finally arrives!
        • wolfy_blue
          wolfy_blueover 2 years55 stars
          it was so sad that most of the cats died in the great battle especially spottedleaf. bramblestar is now the new clan leader and squrrielflight is the new deputy
          • sunrisesunset
            sunrisesunsetover 2 years55 stars
            A fast-paced, enthralling story...beautifully written and impossible to put down! Dig in to this book, and discover a great animal world with warrior cats and much more! Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing are ready for the final battle. An ancient prophecy has foretold that these three cats will save their Clans from a terrible war...and they will be the most powerful cats who ever lived. But are they truly braced for what comes next? The prophecy calls for a fourth cat—one that they may not be able to find in time. Lionblaze and Dovewing are convinced that the other prophesied cat is one of their close kin, while Jayfeather thinks it is a cat from outside their own Clan. Can they work together, and find out who this mysterious cat is? Or will it be too late? Read this book to find out!
            • cr4td4l
              cr4td4lover 2 years55 stars
              I love this book. I'm a huge fan of warrior cats and I even have my own cat Clan! I love how Erin Hunter makes the names and everything about this is awesome.
              • sjsj
                sjsjover 2 years44 stars
                This final novel in the Omen of the Stars series ends it on a spectacular note! Times are hard for all four clans of cats, especially Thunderclan, since they are the only clan that knows about the Dark Forest. Three of the four cats who are destined to save the clans: Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather all wonder who the mysterious fourth cat is. Lioblaze thinks it is Hollyleaf, Jayfeather thinks it is Flametail, and Dovewing thinks it is Ivypool. But, all their thoughts prove wrong when Jayfeather, in his dreams, reveals the fourth cat! Now the three have an ally that will make them stronger. But can they win against their enemies?
                • warriorsgirl11
                  warriorsgirl11over 2 years55 stars
                  The last book in the Omen of the Stars. The battle against the dark forest is very hot. Many cats die, and at the end of the book, a fire that has been burning for seasons is finally quenched by a tiger, but before it can quench, the fire burns the tiger in to ashes.
                  • skystar
                    skystarabout 3 years
                    If you have read any of the book in the OMEN OF THE STARS series then you know most of the characters. The clans are about to go to war against The Dark Forest where evil violent and discontented cats go when they die. Tigerstar Hawkfrost Mapleshade and Brokenstar lead these cats into battle against Windclan Thunderclan Riverclan Shadowclan and Starclan. I don't remember if the LOST CLAN is in it though. One cat gives up her place in the Clans....... FOREVER! She saved her true love 's mate from Tigerstar's claws. Even Starclan came down from the sky and helped fight. That one cat who left the Clans forever died twice! Once when Shadowclan killed her when on a raid and the other time after she reached Starclan. She died at Tigerstar's bloodstained paws after her first death in the old Thunderclan camp many seasons before this battle. I hope you enjoy this book! 🐱
                    • MokePastorover 3 years
                      Great book and good to see a well thought out ending.