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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 5R4.826448

The unlikely foursome made up of a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker -- Brenton, Sam "Snick,", Judy and Kelsey, respectively, -- are bound together by one very big secret: the homework machine. Because the machine, code named Belch, is doing their homework for them, they start spending a lot of time together, attracting a lot of attention. And attention is exactly what you don't want when you are keeping a secret.

Before long, members of the D Squad, as they are called at school are getting strange Instant Messages from a shady guy named Milner; their teacher, Miss Rasmussen, is calling private meetings with each of them and giving them pop tests that they are failing; and someone has leaked the possibility of a homework machine to the school newspaper. Just when the D Squad thinks things can't get any more out of control, Belch becomes much more powerful than they ever imagined. Soon the kids are in a race against their own creation, and the loser could end up in jail...or worse!
Hardcover, 160 pages
Published on March 1, 2006 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0689876785
ISBN-13: 9780689876783
32 Book Reviews
  • effie302
    effie302over 1 year
    this is a super cool book, if you hate home work I recommend this book also Happy early Fathers day!!!! enjoy the book!
    • inmemoryofcpr
      inmemoryofcprover 2 years55 stars
      It all starts that Brenton brags to Snik, a.k.a. Sam, that he has made a homework machine that can do homework for people. Soon he is pressured by him to show it. So after school he and his friends go to Brenton's house, finding that he is not lying. As they use it more and more, they realize that the computer has become more intelligent and someone is after it. How will they be able to stop him?
      • timothy_99
        timothy_99over 2 years55 stars
        It was pretty funny! I fell off my bed while reading! you should also read this book! It's so funny!
        • I'm not saying over 2 years
          I personally don't like this book. I don't like the style the author used. I can't imagine why kids read this for fun. I'm in 5th grade I want something more challenging.
          • Friend1653over 3 years
            This book was great 😀
            • readingm13
              readingm13almost 4 years55 stars
              Do you like homework? Well this machine takes care of that. This book is about a group of kids who have a machine that does their homework. They all swore not to tell anyone about it. Then they realize that someone knows about it. I would rate this book 5 stars because of all the mystery and new friendship that forms. Unlike other books, this book is wrote as if you are with the character.
              • mirsoftball8
                mirsoftball8almost 4 years55 starsFeatured
                Do you like doing homework? Well, this book takes care of that problem. It is about a group of kids (called the D-squad) that use a homework machine to get their work done. The name of the kid that invented the machine is a boy named Brenton, who is quite unusual. Brenton is a super intelligent kid and is a computer genius! The D-squad name the machine "Belch" because if anyone found out, the Homework Machine would get them in a LOT of trouble. They swore to not tell anybody any information about the machine. Eventually, the truth came out. I would rate this book 5 stars because of the suspense and personalities of the characters. One of the unique features in this book is that the story is written in point of view so you know how each character feels. I would like to give credit to Yetiman789 because he did this review with me.
                • gracyn_stoner74
                  gracyn_stoner74almost 4 years55 stars
                  In this book there is an unlikely foursome with a geek in it and this geek Brenton made a homework machine all the others didn’t believe him so they went to his house after school they put there homework in there and it accuttuly worked they kept doing this the unlikely in the group to get good grades kept getting a 100 on there homework there teacher obvisoley had to give them to a test in there homework in class they both got a c and the teacher started getting suspicious and some how the police found out
                  • irish dancer 15almost 4 years
                    The Homework Machine is about four kids who hate homework. A book full of adventure creativity and imagination. Read it for school this year.
                    • addi almost 4 years
                      i can't wait to read this book