The Haunted Museum #1: The Titanic Locket: (a Hauntings novel)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grades 2 - 5n/a4.523770
Don't touch anything in The Haunted Museum!

It looks like the high point of Samantha's spring vacation is going to be a glimpse of a cute boy she sees at The Haunted Museum in England. She and her sister, Jessica, and their parents are taking a cruise on the Titanic 2, a replica of the original Titanic, and there's not even wifi! At least the Titanic exhibit at the Haunted Museum had wax figures and beautiful jewels to look at.

But from their first day, Samantha and Jessica notice strange things happening. Their cabin number keeps changing. There are creepy scratching sounds coming from between the walls. And a locket that Jess opened at the museum seems to be . . . following them.

Is the locket haunted? Or could it be the ship itself? Are there actors in costume walking about the ship . . .or could they be ghosts? Why is Sam's sister calling her by another name? Samantha will have to unravel the threads tying her and her sister to the past, or they could go down with the ship!
Paperback, 208 pages
Published on April 29, 2014 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0545588421
ISBN-13: 9780545588423
5 Book Reviews
  • Busy guyover 2 years
    Hey its one of the best book i have ever read.It has a horror and a suspense story with lots of fun.Its scary but interesting.The parts which made me scare the most were-when the maid became a ghost and when their room number changes whenever they saw but when they show it to anyone or take photo it becomes normal.eeeeeeeeeee,too scary but interesting.At first it seemed like everything will be normal but slowly everything become abnormal and scary.I read it at my school library.If you love horror stories,this book is perfect for you.
    • violin2015
      violin2015over 6 years
      mi name is also jessica and when i read this book, i feel like i am in the book. scary buuut aaaaawweeeeeesssssoooooommmmeeeee!!
      • awesome!!!!!!!!over 6 years
        This book is the bomb. I love this book because is very action.GET THIS BOOK!!! I give this book a five stars.
        • acesreaders
          acesreadersover 8 years55 stars
          The Haunted Museum Titanic Locket is a great book! It is about two sisters going on a cruise but first they stop at the haunted museum. The signs say DO NOT TOUCH!!!!But the sister couldn’t resist touching a locket. They notice the time and have to rush to the cruise ship to meet their parent’s drooping the locket. As soon as the get to the cruise ship the locket appears!!!! I love this book I hope you do too! (:
          • 4le
            4leover 8 years
            it is a great book.scary but still a good book. my favorite character was John the boy who the girls had a crush on. the book is about these girls Jessica and Samantha who go to a museum before going on a cruise ship. read to find out.........