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Grades 3 - 7n/an/an/an/a
What would you do if every spark of electricity suddenly vanished, as if somebody had flipped a switch on the entire planet? Cars won't start, the heat shuts off, there's no water in your faucet, and your radio, TV, and flashlight go dark. Everyone in Charlie's small town is baffled.

But as time passes, lawlessness erupts and takes an ugly turn. When the market and pharmacy are torched by an anti-Semitic arsonist, Charlie realizes his mother will die without her medicine. So he dons skis and heads off alone, seeking the nearest hospital. After traveling 50 miles through brutal ice and snow, Charlie encounters a burned-out, looted city of terrified citizens. Will he be able to save his mom?

Heroic, eloquent, and unforgettable, The Big Dark raises timely questions about responsibility, tolerance, and love.
Paperback, 192 pages
Published on September 12, 2017 by The Blue Sky Press
ISBN-10: 0545789761
ISBN-13: 9780545789769
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  • devenitycrystal
    devenitycrystalFriday, October 5, 2018 at 7:37 pm55 starsFeatured
    This was a random book I had picked up at the library, the cover looked interesting. But the book was so much more than that! Charlie and his family, the whole town of Harmony, New Hampshire, gather to watch a scientific phenomenon on New Years Eve. But suddenly, the black night turns a flashing, blinding white, and then, darkness. Things only go downhill after that. Mr. Mangano, the science teacher, hypothesizes that it was a solar flare that knocked out the power grid. Nothing starts or turns on. Could you imagine? Your flashlight not working, cars, motors, anything electric, at all, wouldn't work. Mr. Kingman, the volunteer police officer, organizes town hall meetings to work together to provide firewood, food, water, and necessities. Things start to get better until Mrs. Alder's Superette burns down, the only nearby pharmacy. Suspicions have it that it was Mr. Bragg, the hater and anti-Semitic arsonist. The Superette burning down isn't as a big of a problem as it is for Charlie's family. His mom has type 2 diabetes, and his mom needs more prescription! His mom only has 19 pills, and she needs to take one pill a day. Charlie sets out to ski down 50 miles to Concord for medicine, (with the help of his friend) where he is encountered by coyotes, meets a very lovable french couple, and reaches Concord to find his medicine. He is told to go to an insane asylum to look for the medicine. When he receives it, he is escorted by the French couples's son's huskies as Charlie sits on a dogsled. Not so good news is, Charlie's sister tells the whole town about Charlie leaving, and when he reaches his house, Mr. Bragg and his sons are waiting for him. They surround Charlie, and steal the medicine. Charlie's sister calls for a town meeting,-- perfect opportunity for Mr. Bragg to surround the town hall. Just as Mr. Bragg shoots Mr. Kingman, the power- beep-beep- comes on! The next day, the president comes on the radio, and things, start to go back to normal. I absolutely loved this book when I thought it wouldn't be so interesting. You definitely need to check it out!