The Big Book of Pokemon: The Ultimate Player and Collector's Guide


The Big Book of Pokmon is the largest, most complete source you'll ever need for all U.S. and Japanese Pokmon trading game cards--With up-to-the minute information on new releases, including the Fossil Series!

Using a large format, The Big Book of Pokmon is stuffed with 336 full-color pages of total Pokmon from Alakazam to Weedle. Everything the Pokmon player and collector needs is included:

* Full-color photos and collector's guide for every U.S. and Japanese game card set * Full-color photos and prices for the rare Japanese promo cards * Photos, values and checklists for Burger King Pokmon, Topps, Action Flipz and others * Ten ultimate fantasy decks, chosen by the game's top experts * Hot playing tips and strategies * New releases and ratings for GameBoy including Pokmon Snap * Answers to frequently asked questions about the card and video games * Pok trivia: facts about Pikachu, Mew, Hitmonlee, Togepi and all your favorites * Counterfeit alerts, collecting tips, and sources * Pokmania-everything Pokmon from plush toys to cameras

Written by a team of Pokmon experts,The Big Book of Pokmon is the only source you'll need.

Paperback, 356 pages
Published on February 1, 2000 by Triumph Books
ISBN-10: 1572433612
ISBN-13: 9781572433618
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