Talons of Power (Wings of Fire, Book 9)

Book 9 of 13 in the Wings of Fire Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grade 6n/a5.268406
The war is over. The false prophecy has been fulfilled. But the dragonets still have enemies. A dark evil, buried for centuries, is stirring.

And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in generations . . .

Something is coming to shake the earth
Something is coming to scorch the ground
Jade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice
Unless the lost city of night can be found.

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Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on December 27, 2016 by Scholastic Press
ISBN-10: 0545685400
ISBN-13: 9780545685405
33 Book Reviews
  • atroit_avimimus
    atroit_avimimus21 days33 stars
    I thoroughly enjoyed the reading experience of Talons of Power, never finding myself uninterested. That being said, I think this is definitely the weakest book in the second arc and most of the book can be classified as filler. 3 stars. Before I get into my issues, let me preface this by saying I adore the Wings of Fire books and consider this one of my all time favorite middle grade series. My critiques of this book do not change that, and 3 stars is a positive rating for me. Other than the last 20 pages or so, this book is the same thing happening over and over again. Turtle follows Darkstalker, waiting for him to do something evil, Darkstalker doesn’t. Repeat for 200 pages. Turtle is a very…passive character. He spends nearly the entire book “invisible” and just hanging out observing everyone else. He rarely takes matters into his own hands, which I recognize is part of his character but it makes him so much less interesting compared to the other main characters like Moon or Peril. Turtle is so infrequently involved in the story that he didn’t even feel like the main character. Most of this book is slow and repetitive. A lot of the plot serves to bridge the gap to the series finale. Though I was let down by this penultimate novel, I still enjoyed reading it. I love this series and world. The characters of this arc are extremely endearing. I’ve been reading Tui’s writing since I was very young, so I’m always happy to jump into her stories. I’m still super hyped for the finale. There are so many ways this could go, and I can’t wait to see. Not to mention I think Qibli is the main character of the final book, and he is one of my favorites!
    • starseeker
      starseeker5 months55 stars
      Really amazing book! I think that this is my favorite in the series. Some people argue that this book is so boring because all Turtle does is run and hide for the most part and I can 100% see why but at the end (Spoilers) there is like the most epic animus fight in the world. It was very entertaining and I enjoyed it so much. I do think that animus magic gives too much power to the character and that's why (Super DUPER spoiler here) Tui decided to get rid of animus magic for good. Turtle is really an awesome character, although he is cowardly. He is kind and wants the best for his sister. I highly recommend this book if you read Escaping Peril. So amazing and super awesome!
      • skywing
        skywing12 months55 stars
        i really really want all the wings of fire.
        • david about 1 year
          i really want this book
          • alphacloudmike
            alphacloudmikeabout 1 year55 stars
            Loved Turtle's bravery and his determination to protect his sister from a dragon who would happily kill him. So he hid himself as an animus.
            • wardragoncatt02
              wardragoncatt02about 1 year44 stars
              ~ Names. Secrets. All of such should stay in place, but not be found. It all changes with Darkstalker, the most terribly powerful dragon appears out of his cave of such he has been put to sleep in by an animus spell in and hiding in for the last four thousand years in----and came out just to see Moon, a dragons in Turtle's winglet. Who is turtle? Turtle is the most anxious, why dragon in the kingdom of the sea. And he's a prince. With animus magic. And the secret he holds. The secret of Darkstalkers notorious ways. Dragons like that don't just pop up like that at school----and worst of all,everyone in Pyrrhia is under a spell that makes them completely unconvinced that he is even the slightest of evil. So he hides. Scence Turtle is an animus, he's worried if he uses his magic too much, h e will lose his soul, and to crazy like Darkstalker, who is full out making his sister----Anemone----like that. Turtle created her magic, to hide his own, and is going to have to take it back, before she does some thing worse than Darkstalker has done. Turtles about to find out that life isn't a story----and fast. Before it's too late....
              • phantasticgus
                phantasticgusabout 1 year55 stars
                The dragons’ loyalty and courage is put to the test in this amazing ninth book from the bestselling Wings of Fire series! Gear up and jump into a world of dragons, adventure, and more! Turtle has a big secret. He is an animus, which means he has the ability to use magic and control objects. Sometimes, he wonders if his power is too much for him—because he’s not a hero. In fact, he hates attention and prefers to stay unnoticed by other dragons. But then, a large meteoroid of darkness crashes into his world...a dragon going by the name of Darkstalker, a two-thousand year old legend...who’s still alive, trapped below the earth. Turtle and his friends, Moonwatcher, Winter, and Qibli, must stop this stranger—before he destroys the whole world, and everything they know. As Darkstalker convinces more and more dragons to follow him, and as they fall under his enchantment, even Turtle’s friends are beginning to get tricked. And now, the dragons are in need of a hero—someone who can actually save the world from Darkstalker. Turtle doesn’t think he’s the right dragon for this...but he may have no choice. And he may have to use the most dangerous thing about him; his animus magic. Can he defeat Darkstalker with help from his friends? Read this book to find out!
                • Gxxdvibezover 1 year
                  This book is actually really amazing and adventurous and inretesting. 5 stars
                  • cosmo1025
                    cosmo1025over 1 year55 stars
                    This was actually my favourite book in the series, Turtle is kinda cute.
                    • nunu_can_dy
                      nunu_can_dyover 1 year
                      I really love graphic novels especially ones that are action packed so this was a big upgrade it seems like something very intresting trust me on this on you all will really love it