Tales From the Wobniar: Secret Island (Volume 1)

The Tales From The Wobniar – “Secret Island”, Part 1 “The New Guardian” is the first of a trilogy of stories based on the adventures of Zeebert (a green zebra) and his friends (Nichelle and Luke), as they discover their life’s destiny. The premise of the story is that with every new millennium an animal is born that changes the world and becomes the guardian of that era. All the mythical animals from previous eras (i.e. unicorns, dragons, and dinosaurs, etc.) come to the magical island of Manadu to witness the birth of the new guardian, to see who he is and what his destiny will be. At the same time of Zeebert’s birth, a storm occurs which caused a ship, filled with animal collectors/hunters, to be thrown off course and land on the island. The crew discovers the collection of exotic animals and wants to cash-in. It’s up to the new guardian and friends to prevent this from happening. The story revolves around what happens when they meet.
Kindle Edition, 212 pages
Published on May 15, 2013
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  • ehartley
    ehartleyover 8 years55 stars
    this is a really good book!