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Grades 4 - 8Grade 6n/a5.571139
Children's Literature This sixth book of the "Warriors: The New Prophecy" series is a bit like a soap opera. In this part of the warrior-cats' saga, ThunderClan becomes embroiled in one conflict after another. Having just finished fighting off an attack from a group of badgers, Leafpool must choose her duty to her clan over the love of her life. So, she becomes the official medicine cat. Duty conflicts with personal desire at more than one point in the story, but almost always the cats choose the wiser course. Brambleclaw, son of the rogue Tigerstar, also faces a difficult decision between remaining loyal to his clan and joining a greedy struggle for power over all cats. These conflicts--honesty versus treachery, loyalty versus desire, prejudice versus tolerance--give this fantasy novel at least a semblance of depth. Mentoring also plays an important role in the story, as Brambleclaw gains an apprentice and Leafpool shifts from apprentice to mentor. Overall, this is not the best-written fantasy book, but it is reasonably entertaining. At times, the conflicts feel exaggerated rather than sincere, and the action is a little hard to follow if you are not familiar with the past novels. However, new readers should catch on fairly quickly, with the help of a guide to the characters that is provided at the front of the novel. Reviewer: Laura Ruttig
5 Book Reviews
  • vevo_vibez2018
    vevo_vibez2018over 3 years55 stars
    I am reading dis book because I'm half way through da series I'm currently on the new u know....soooo......ya I actually recommend it 2 if u r currently reading dis 2 let me know....bye
    • zimandgir
      zimandgirabout 7 years55 stars
      I love this book but Cinderpelt...its just sad
      • smokey666
        smokey666about 8 years55 stars
        • luckyduck8200
          luckyduck8200over 8 years
          This book is really really good. Hawkfrost turns out to be evil.
          • rainclaw
            rainclawalmost 9 years
            I am halfway through this book. Something sad happens in this book. My friend Avery is on Starlight.