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Grades 4 - 8Grades 4 - 10V6.784799
In one of the most hotly anticipated sequel in memory, J.K. Rowling takes up where she left off with Harry's second year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Old friends and new torments abound, including a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls' bathroom, an outrageously conceited professor, Gilderoy Lockheart, and a mysterious force that turns Hogwarts students to stone.
Paperback, 374 pages
Published on March 1, 2016 by Bloomsbury
ISBN-10: 1408855666
ISBN-13: 9781408855669
572 Book Reviews
  • factskid123
    factskid1235 months55 stars
    This Book is Amazing
    • hermionereader
      hermionereader5 months33 stars
      I liked this book but I thought the first one was a lot better. I think the middle of this one was kinda boring. Still good though, and one you kinda need to read if you want to continue on with the series!
      • pro_gold
        pro_gold6 months55 stars
        This book is awesome
        • plarrvonyoutube
          plarrvonyoutube6 months55 stars
          This book is awsome! I really suggest reading it cause it is amazing! Also read the sorcerers stone first cause that's the first book.
          • # Super awesome8 months
            THE best book of all timeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !I could not put it down at all when i started reading
            • sami_playz
              sami_playz8 months55 stars
              I love the book. Personally, I have three of my favorite Harry Potter books. They are the Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Goblet of Fire. J really like this book because I think it was sorta like a mystery all along. Also, it was really spooky. One of the best Harry Potter books, for sure.
              • Snowwing9 months
                I love Harry Potter.
                • wanmeideta
                  wanmeideta9 months55 stars
                  i honestly was COMPLEATLY TERRIFYED for harry when i read this book, idk how jk rowling does this but she puts such a big of an image of the setting into my head that i feel like harry (IGNOR MY SPELLING) this book is the one that almost made me stop reading because of how scarry it was, (I WAS A WIMP BUT NOT AnYmOrE hEhE) i have read this book 3 times already and each time i read it i always feel like "RUN HARRY HE IS VOLDEMORT THE PERSON WITHOUT A NOSE..."
                  • frostwolf192
                    frostwolf1929 months55 stars
                    I hv read all the books and watched all the movies
                    • happiervibess
                      happiervibess9 months55 stars
                      Dobby doesnt want harry potter to go back to school so he blocks all his friends letters and prevents him from going on the train. and Ron. but he finds a way. he saves ginny weasley from tom riddle aka voldemort. Happy reading!