The Horse and His Boy (Evergreen Library)

The Horse and His Boy (Evergreen Library)

By C. S. Lewis

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Fully dramatized and produced with cinema-quality sound design and music, each title in Radio Theatre's Chronicles of Narnia is now available in a travel-friendly size. Hosted by Douglas Gresham, stepson of C. S. Lewis, these timeless classics have mesmerized millions around the world. Upon entering an enchanted world called Narnia, four ordinary children learn extraordinary lessons in courage, self-sacrifice, friendship, and honor. Brought to life in London by a cast of more than 100 actors, including award-winners Paul Scofield, David Suchet, and Ron Moody, the 7-part Chronicles of Narnia provides over 22 hours of exhilaring listening entertainment.

A remarkable adventure for the imagination, The Horse and His Boy tells the story of a young boy named Shasta with a mysterious past, his escape from a life of slavery, and the talking horse who launches the adventure. As Shasta and Bree join forces, they find themselves escaping with a runaway princess and her talking horse, being pitted against a mad prince, and coming face to face with a terrifying lion.

Faithfully adapted from C. S. Lewis' third novel in The Chronicles of Narnia, this Focus on the Family Radio Theatre presentation features some of England's finest actors, an award-winning production team, and film-quality sound effects.

Publisher: HarperCollins Narnia
ISBN-13: 9780060234881
ISBN-10: 0060234881
Published on 8/14/2007
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240

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Shasta, a boy living in the kingdom of Calormen, where people wear curled shoes and turbans, overhears that his "father" is going to sell him as a slave, so he decides that he should run away. He meets a talking horse named Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah, also known as Bree, and begin their journey for "Narnia and the north!". On the way, they encounter a girl named Aravis, the daughter of a Tarkaan, who is running away because her father is forcing her to marry a disgusting old man, who's also riding a talking horse! While passing through the great city of Tashbaan, the capital of Calormen, Shasta gets mistaken for the prince of Archenland and hears that Prince Rabbadash, the very important son of the Tisroc, wants to marry Queen Susan, and isn't going to let the Narnians go unless she marries him! Shasta also hears from Aravis that the prince is assembling a band of two hundred men to invade Archenland! Shasta will have to get to Archenland before Rabbadash! How will he manage? The book was exciting and funny, and the illustrations were good!

I enjoy reading books by c.s lewis especially the chronicles of Narnia they are full of adventure and all sorts of action romance and silly things my favorite part was when Aslan turned Prince Rabaadash

A Human Being A Human Being

This book is kind of boring. The way it's written is so dated and boring that I couldn't finish, though if I did, I'm sure it would've been okay.

I'm reading the series and it is awesoms

If you ever read this book you will know what I will say. This is my favorite book hands down even better than the Voage of The Dawn Treader. I reccomend this book to all of you.

Caitlin Caitlin

I love this book because it sets the pace for the rest of the series. It is full of mystery and humor; C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors- he did a great job with this series.

I love The Chronicles of Narnia and I read them also because my mum trained the wolves for it! I love the horse and his boy! Its a lovely story!

i read it but it's a little bit too old-timey if you know what i mean here. It's still pretty good though