The Baby-Sitters Club #10: Logan Likes Mary Anne

The Baby-Sitters Club #10: Logan Likes Mary Anne

By Ann M. Martin

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Book 10 of 94 in the  The Baby-Sitters Club Series
The hit series is back, to charm and inspire another generation of baby-sitters!

Mary Anne used to have to wear her hair in braids, keep her room painted pink, and ask her dad before she did anything. But not anymore. Mary Anne's been growing up . . . and the Baby-sitters Club members aren't the only ones who have noticed.

Logan Bruno likes Mary Anne! He has a dreamy southern accent, he's awfully cute--and he wants to join the Baby-sitters Club.

The Baby-sitters aren't sure Logan will make a good club member. And Mary Anne thinks she's too shy for Logan. Life in the BSC has never been this complicated--or this fun!

The best friends you'll ever have--with classic BSC covers and a letter from Ann M. Martin!
Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing
Binding: Hardcover

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Mary Anne and the other BSC girls may have bitten off more than they can chew when they decide to start a project for their clients (I forgot what the project was, sorry. I read this book a while ago.) Anyway, they are beginning to worry until they meet a drop-dead handsome boy named Logan in their school. He is from Louisville, and he looks like Mary Anne's favorite celebrity Cam Geary. And, on top of it all, he has babysitting experience! All the girls think he is gorgeous but especially Mary Anne. But since she is shy, she thinks that she has no chance for him to fall in love with her. Was she ever wrong! Logan likes her too and he becomes (by the end of the book) her boyfriend and an official associate member of the BSC! I suggest this book if you like romance, babysitting, and friendship! Happy Reading!

i want to red this SO bad because of the overview.