Jessi's Horrible Prank (Babysitters Club)

Jessi's Horrible Prank (Babysitters Club)

By Ann M. Martin

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Book 75 of 94 in the  The Baby-Sitters Club Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grade 4 n/a 3.8 23613
Jessi learns a hard lesson about being deliberately cruel to another person when she sings a song mocking Mr. Trout, the shy, geeky teacher who wears a bad toupee.
Publisher: Scholastic Hippo
ISBN-13: 9780590137362
ISBN-10: 0590137360
Published on 9/20/1996
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144

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When Mr. Trout comes to SMS to teach a Short Take class on computer programming, Jessi and her classmates find him to be strange. Wearing toupee and strange clothes, Mr. Trout is the perfect victim for cruel pranks. At first, the pranks are innocent; just a few spit wads and book dropping. But after a while, the intensity of the pranks goes up. The strangest part about it all, though, Mr. Trout never gets the kids in trouble. So, when Jessi is asked to play a mean prank on Mr. Trout in the SMS follies, Jessi goes along with it, not thinking about the consequence it could bring. But what a mistake. Mr. Trout takes it the wrong way and now Jessi feels terrible about what she did. This book was SUPER good. It taught the importance of always being kind to people, especially vulnerable people. Through Jessi, the reader gets to see the childlike aspect of Jessi. The mature babysitter is replaced with a mischievous sixth grader. Although still fun, this book never failed on teaching important lessons. Not only was it funny and uplifting, but it was also meaningful and interesting. This book is packed with great life lessons. It teaches the importance of even a small and seemingly funny prank can affect someone's life and even job. I thought this book was really good and a must read. I suggest this book if you like pranks, follies/plays, baby-sitting, and friendship. Happy reading!