In Too Deep (The 39 Clues, Book 6)

In Too Deep (The 39 Clues, Book 6)

By Jude Watson

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Book 6 of 11 in the  The 39 Clues Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 2 - 4 U 4 45016
Could Amy and Dan's biggest enemy be . . . a friend? Book 6 in the bestselling The 39 Clues series challenges everything you thought you knew about the Clue race.

Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, head to the Land Down Under to discover what their own mother and father knew about the hunt for the 39 Clues. But following in their parents' footsteps brings up lost memories for Amy so awful that she can't share them . . . even with Dan. Haunted by the ghosts of their past, chased by deadly competitors, Dan and Amy can't see who is an enemy and who is a friend. Their blindness leads to a terrible mistake . . and the death of a hidden ally.
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN-13: 9780545060462
ISBN-10: 054506046X
Published on 11/3/2009
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 208

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Have you ever looked for a clue but while battling others? Amy and her brother Dan are in Sydney in the beginning of the book and instantly they are faced by an enemy and that changes the book forever. The book is called the 39 Clues : IN TOO DEEP this is pretty ironic because they realize later in the book they realize what big of a bad situation they have got themselves into. The author’s name is Jude Watson and this is so funny because her real name is Judy Blundell. This book is in a series and this specific book is number 6. I don't think it would be necessary to read the books before this because I didn't and I understood everything but I think it would be nice just because then you would have more of an idea of characterization and the build up of personality. The book is basically about Dan and Amy following their parents footsteps and joining in for the chase of the 39 clues. Why, you may ask? Well they were offered a lot of money, or a chase for clues that would give them way more. During the journey they meet some interesting families that are also in the chase. They also meet family members in desperate times of help but little do they know they might be evil. They face deadly challenges and competitors that drive them to find every single clue. During the series they are dragged to many different countries to find different clues but in this book they are in Australia which makes them try new things and their enemies have tricks coming from ancestors with a different culture.This book is very good. I really like it because it keeps the reader engaged at all times. I feel like the reader could have made the characters themselves more interesting instead of the situation because in most parts of the book the situations are so engaging and sometimes even scary which I find great but it would be nicer to have some of those genres and traits in the characters rather than everything around them. But in general I feel like this book has a good hook and climax and it really makes me feel like I am in the scene. This is really good because it makes me imagine and I can dream and dream about what can happen here and there. It is fun to read and I could never get tired of this book because it just is so exciting and different. Overall, I really like this book and I'm pretty sure anyone that likes to read books that have crazy plot twists will really enjoy this book. I feel like this book has a lot of different genres and themes.

This is a amazing book! I feel like I'm Amy and Dan is my little sister. I hope that if you read the book you enjoy it as much as I did!

This is the sixth book in an incredible series! Dan and Amy are on the hunt for their next clue which has led them to Sydney Australia where they follow the path of Amelia Earheart with their cousin Shep (their dad's cousin) ! Meanwhile the Kabras are stepping up their game with another member of the family, one that is more ruthless than Natalie and Ian combined! Amy is also getting memories back of the scariest night of her life and even though those memories may hold the key to one of their biggest mysteries does she really want to remember? Is it also possible that one of their enemy's could actually save them, that one of the people that they trust most could be against them, or that their next clue is one of the most simple ingredients?

I love the 39 clues serie they are great books to read I have read at least five of their books and at the first page of the first book I practicly got atached to the books.

A hint from their parents’ past puts Amy and Dan on the trail of secrets their grandmother Grace would NEVER have wanted them to know. Awful memories begin to crowd in on Amy, just as her enemies circle closer. How far would she go to protect Dan? How much of a Cahill is she prepared to be? Perhaps Grace was right – some secrets are better left buried. This was definitely one of the books I loved.


harrypercyfan74 harrypercyfan74

one of my fav in the seies cant wait to read shatterproof and trust no one!!!!

h h

1 of my fav series. highly recomend. loved it!!!!!!!!! very exciting

This one was very cool because they were in Australia and Amy and Dan got to go surfing with their uncle. And someone very important dies in this one. I'll give u a clue ( get it 39 clues! ) it's not Any Or Dan.