Sisters Club Series

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Sisters Club Series (3 books)

The Sisters Club

The Sisters Club

By Megan McDonald
25 ratings31 reviews
  • cool_girl101
    cool_girl10155 stars
    I think you should read this book because it is filled with awesome stuff. The book is about 3 sisters named Alex, Stevie, and Joey. For some reason their parents gave them boy names even though they are girls. Anyway all of them are totally different. Alex(the oldest) is the big drama queen, Ste...
The Sisters Club: Rule of Three

The Sisters Club: Rule of Three

By Megan McDonald
5 ratings5 reviews
  • pthing20
    pthing2055 stars
    I totally recommend this book. It's about 3 sisters,(Alex, Stevie and Joey) having this Sister's Club. I love the series. What I love most is their trademark, "Sisters, Blisters, & Tongue Twisters!" Read this book!!!! :)
The Sisters Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Boys

The Sisters Club: Cloudy with a Chance of Boys

By Megan McDonald
10 ratings5 reviews
  • ajwerth307
    ajwerth30755 stars
    This book I recommend for all ages because it's unique special and it has a lot of personality in the writing. It tells the story of three sisters that all are very different and don't get along too well. The oldest has boy drama and lots of other fun things.