Poison Apple #3: Miss Fortune

Poison Apple #3: Miss Fortune

By Brandi Dougherty

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Book 3 of 10 in the  Poison Apple Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 8 V 4.7 31164
Poison Apple Books: Thrilling. Bone-chilling. These books have bite!

Zoe’s never been superstitious, so when she and her best friend Mia have their fortunes read at a carnival, she doesn’t take it seriously. In fact, Zoe mocks the fortune-teller. But the woman gives Zoe a necklace to seal her fortune, and as soon as Zoe puts it on, unexplained things begin to happen to her. Her bike spins out of control, a fire starts in the oven when it isn’t on, and Zoe begins receiving threatening texts and emails. The necklace must be cursed! But when Zoe and Mia return to the site of the carnival, it’s gone! Can they break the curse before something terrible happens?
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 9780545202664
ISBN-10: 0545202663
Published on 8/1/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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Zoe never been superstitious,so when she and her best friend Mia have there fortunes read at the carnival she doesn't take it seriously but the woman gives Zoe a necklace to deal her fortune and we soon as Zoe puts it on unexplained things begin to happen to her .net bike spins out of control a fire starts in the oven when it isn't on and Zoe begins receiving threatening texts and e-mail s


I did not get to read this yet because i am in 6th grade and my mom says it is "not for my age" but judging from it, it is cool.

I love this book soooo much!! I am really focusing on the book. Then, the best part happens! It was when,,. I'm not going tell you!!!

I like this book even the character

This was sooo GOOD!!

This was sooo hood!

a very exiting book taking you through zoes bad times but in the end she and her best friend mia fix things up there are also \times when you think shes not going to make it i really felt like i was just watching a movie i just read and read and read for an hour until it was all done i would totally read it if you like things gone wrong books

Miss Fortune is a wonderful bone chilling masterpiece that you will not regret reading.I just want to tell you one thing if you ever are invited to get your fortune told don't laugh at the fortune teller it wont end well. Unless of course you want to get a curse on you.

I love a good old fashioned "fortune teller gone bad" story. And this novel lives up to that potential...and then some. Since this is aimed at the youngsters (ages 8-12), I will say that the author does take this responsibility with great care. She produces a solid story line with just enough creepiness to not give your eight-year-old nightmares and just enough to keep your twelve-year-old engaged (unless her mind has already been tainted with horror/slasher films). Mia and Zoe are best friends who do it all together. They decide to attend a carnival with a group of friends, and before the night is over, one of their lives will be dramatically changed for the worst...that would be Zoe. You see, Zoe makes a mistake. While her friend Mia is having her fortune read, Zoe sort of/kind of makes fun of the fortune teller. Well, any good skeptic will know this is just not the best of plans, and soon Zoe finds that out, beginning the morning after the reading.

I like this one I am reading it in class:)

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