Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood from Creative Legends (Kid Legends)

Kid Artists: True Tales of Childhood from Creative Legends (Kid Legends)

By David Stabler

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Book 2 of 6 in the  Kids Series
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Hilarious childhood biographies and full-color illustrations reveal how Leonardo da Vinci, Beatrix Potter, Keith Haring, and other great artists in history coped with regular-kid problems.
Every great artist started out as a kid. Forget the awards, the sold-out museum exhibitions, and the timeless masterpieces. When the world’s most celebrated artists were growing up, they had regular-kid problems just like you. Jackson Pollock’s family moved constantly—he lived in eight different cities before he was sixteen years old. Georgia O’Keeffe lived in the shadow of her “perfect” older brother Francis. And Jean-Michel Basquiat triumphed over poverty to become one of the world’s most influential artists. Kid Artists tells their stories and more with full-color cartoon illustrations on nearly every page. Other subjects include Claude MonetJacob LawrenceLeonardo da VinciVincent van GoghPablo PicassoFrida KahloBeatrix PotterYoko OnoDr. SeussEmily CarrKeith HaringCharles Schulz, and Louise Nevelson.

Publisher: Quirk Books
ISBN-13: 9781594748967
ISBN-10: 1594748969
Published on 8/9/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 208

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It has so many amazing tales and adventures i love the detail and the pictures. It is so cool my favorite part is the animal section .

The reason why I wanted to read this book mainly is because they are information books. Another reason is because they are wonderful

If you are looking for a good book to read on the beach or to flip through when you're board, this one would be great! It has interesting and encouraging stories of kid artists, and the illustrations are funny and creative. I really enjoyed it.

Artists of all styles populate our world. Their stunning drawings, paintings, and collages make us amazed and awed. But did you know that Georgia O,Keefe's drawings were once so terrible that a school teacher yelled at her? And that Jackson Pollock is missing a finger (and why)? And what is Da Vinci's most famous missing painting? Find out the secrets of all our beloved artists in this exciting book!

Kid Artists tells the stories of artists as kids. From the wonders of childhood of Louise Nevelson to the nature adventures of Beatrix Potter, this book holds stories of what life was like for our favorite classic artists. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be like them.

I agree with karateka04 it does helps you understand about the secret lives of these artists.

This is such a help. It helps you understand about the secret lives of these artists. Who would have thought that Schulz was teased and bellied? It's a great book. I recommend it to anyone reading this

I really liked Kid Artists because I want to grow up to be an artist. I learned about hard things that happened to them--like Jackson Pollack was chased by a bull and had nightmares about it. Dr. Seuss was teased and scared of being on stage. Louise Nevelen moved from her country. All of the kids became great artists later. Charlz Shultz was shy. I liked in the intro where it says: "They made art, they made a difference and they made history." Read this book if you want to be an artist!

It looks interesting... Hope I had it.

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