I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story (I Funny)

I Even Funnier: A Middle School Story (I Funny)

By James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein

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Book 2 of 7 in the  I Funny Series
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Grades 3 - 7 Grades 3 - 5 T 4.4 n/a
In James Patterson's follow up to the #1 New York Times bestseller I Funny, middle schooler Jamie Grimm has big dreams of being the best stand-up comic in the world--and he won't let the fact that he's wheelchair-bound stand in his way!

Middle schooler Jamie Grimm has big dreams of being the best stand-up comic in the world--and has the right sense of humor to do it! After winning the New York state finals in the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic Contest, Jamie's off to Boston to compete in the national semi-finals.

But when one of his best buddies runs into trouble at school and a sudden family health scare rears its head, Jamie has to put his comedic ambitions on hold and stand by the people he cares about. Can Jamie pass up the big competition for the sake of his friends and family?

Publisher: jimmy patterson
ISBN-13: 9780316206952
ISBN-10: 0316206954
Published on 12/26/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 368

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kybdiewgf kybdiewgf

I think that this book was very good it was very funny LOL

This is the sequal to the very popular book, I funny! They are both great books about a boy named Jamie who got in a very bad accident and is now in a wheelchair. He lives in NY with his Aunt and Uncle, "The Smileys. " Now that he won the first Comic Competition, He is moving on to some bigger competitons! Will he win them all, Will He loose? Find out by reading, Even I ^ Funnier!

Hilarious! This book has great details and you really feel like your apart of this story you get sad with the downs and happy with the ups

eskeetit eskeetit

this book funny yup. sure is sure is, aight facet

Why I decided to read this book is because it shows what to expect in middle school. From the bullying, to the friends, and the teachers. The entire middle school experience. I really hope you read this book. I already read this book and it’s amazing.

Cool. awesome, I love the whole plot of the story. How Jamie recovers form a accident and uses comedy to help him. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH life could be a dream. sh-boom.

Sonic555cooldud Sonic555cooldud

I Even Funnier by James Patterson was an amazing book about a young boy named Jamie Grimm. Jamie has a very unfortunate life having to live with his aunt's family, the Smileys, and being disabled from the waist down. He is a very funny kid and can crack a laugh even in the worst of situations. He has a really annoying kid at his school named Vincent O'Neil who tries to be funny, but he’s not. He has a school bully who is also his cousin, which he lives with. Jamie also has regionals coming called “Kids Comics” for the funniest kid comedians. I Even Funnier is the second installment in a trilogy of of “I Funny Books”. I loved this book and would suggest it to anyone who likes funny young teen humor.

Really good book. I recommend you read it!

This book is completely AMAZING! I would definitly recomend this to people who like humor.

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