Fish Finelli (Book 1): Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles

Fish Finelli (Book 1): Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles

By E. S. Farber

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Book 1 of 3 in the  Fish Finelli Series
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Grades 4 - 8Grades 3 - 4n/a3.823540
When bully Bryce Billings bets Fish Finelli that he can't find Captain Kidd's legendary long-lost treasure, Fish and his friends embark on a quest to find real-life pirate treasure. Between sneaking into the library to track down Captain Kidd's map, stowing away on a boat, and trespassing on an island, Fish and his friends have their work cut out for them. But will Fish actually be able to find Captain Kidd's booty and win the bet? Appropriate for both boys and girls, this first book in the Fish Finelli series will inspire readers to use their imaginations, learn about the world around them, and appreciate the bonds of friendship.
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN-13: 9781452128535
ISBN-10: 1452128537
Published on 3/4/2014
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 168

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This book is yet another book not for my age,but is filled with adventure and cool things.It's about a bully named Bryce who bet's a boy named Fish to find a Captains long lost treasure.So Fish and his friends set off on a journey or quest to find the long lost treasure.

My younger sister just got this book last week. She told me that she really liked reading it. I think it sounds like a fun book

I kind of like this book. It was a short and easy read and had some humor. Its about a bully who bets that Fish Finelli can't find the treasure.

This book was a fun light easy read. It was perfect for the sumer, since the story is during the summer. It's has adventure and humor into it. First this bully bets that Fish and his friends can't find the lost treasure, well Fish gets mad, and is up for the challenge. On the other hand he still needs to fix up his boat, get a Seagull even thought it is fifty dollars (and for your information he doesn't even have fifty dollars... so uh oh), and he wants to win the competition. Could he juggle all these things and get it all done... it's up to you to read and find out. DUN DUN DUNNNN...

I liked the facts on the sides in the book. I really liked the one about Nicola Tesla. He's one of my favorite scientists. I liked the pictures even though most of the ones in this early copy were just sketches. My favorite character, I actually have two, were Roger and T.J. I would want to be friends with them in real life, even though they are 10 and I am 7. There were lots of cool things about this book

This book is about a bunch of boys who search to find Captain Kidd(Blackbeard)'s treasure so they win a bet against a stuck- up rich kid named Bryce.

I love books about looking for a treasure. I like that Fish is standing up to a bully. I was cheering for him to find the treasure.

This book is a little strange. I guess this book was written more for boys. But it was an okay book. It was funny at some points and weird at others.

As I keep on hearing more and more about this book the suspense builds up! From what I understand, Bryce Billings, the bully, bets Fish Finelli that he can't find Captain Kidd's lost treasure. Fish doesn't like this so he goes in hopes to find the long lost, and awaited treasure from Captain Kidd's voyage. Join me in reading the book so that we all find out about Fish's Bet-proving strategies to find the treasure.

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