Circle of Heroes (Familiars)

Circle of Heroes (Familiars)

By Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson

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Book 3 of 4 in the  Familiars Series
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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 4 - 7 n/a 6.2 50601

Aldwyn, a street-smart alley cat, pretended he had telekinetic powers so young wizard Jack would chose him as a familiar. Aldwyn then learned that he and two other familiars—Skylar the blue jay and Gilbert the tree frog—were destined to undertake a perilous quest to defeat Paksahara, an evil hare who’d been familiar to the queen.
In Circle of Heroes, the third book of The Familiars series for middle-grade readers, Paksahara and her undead animal army control the Shifting Fortress. Aldwyn and his friends have to recapture it to return magic to the queendom of Vastia.
Fans of The Guardians of Ga’hoole series and Erin Hunter’s Warriors books will love the mix of humor, magic, and animal adventure story in Circle of Heroes by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson.

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780061961168
ISBN-10: 0061961167
Published on 6/4/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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this i think was a very good book because the characters have a lot of detail and the adventures are very exciting!

Zuza Zuza

If you like magic, riddles, adventure, comedy, and AWESOME HOWLER MONKEYS, read this book. It's basically about a band of magical animals who have to gather up more magical animals to defeat an evil bunny rabbit who wants animals to rule over humanity. Banshee the howler monkey is always cracking me up... getting the dog out of that place with her drum... Skylar: How clever! Using the beating sound of your drums to drown out the voices of the dead, so he can regain his sanity? Banshee: Not quite...(whacks the dog over the head with her drum)

This series is gonna be awesome. I just know it even though I only read the first book. I really wanna read this 3rd book. I also wanna read the 2nd book.

I love this book so much. I liked it even more than the first one. If I could rate it six stars, I would! Its full of adventure and I love the characters - Aldwyn the cat, especially. His telekinetic powers are awesome! If you like Harry Potter and the Warriors books, this is a MUST read series!

these characters remind me of my bffs m&m & cc

love this book so nice