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Grades K - 3Grade 4n/a3.8882
It's school picture day, and everyone is dressed up and ready to smile for the camera. Everyone, that is, except Josephina Caroleena Wattasheena. She's too busy trying to figure out how things work to care about pictures. After her tinkering gets everyone covered in grease, soot, and ashes, it looks as though the class picture is going to be a disaster. Then a twist of fate allows Josephina to put her talents to good use. With an endearing heroine, lively text, and irresistibly funny illustrations, this is sure to have readers grinning from ear to ear.

Paperback, 40 pages
Published on July 22, 2004 by Puffin
ISBN-10: 0142401501
ISBN-13: 9780142401507
10 Book Reviews
  • mackyspicey17
    mackyspicey1729 days44 stars
    I rate this book four stars because it teaches you to be yourself. I think the theme of this book is be yourself because Josephina did not dress up for picture day. And I think the theme is be yourself because when the photographer was taking the class picture Josephina was messing around with stuff and wondering how different things work. I think if you like picture books teaching you to be yourself this book is for you!
    • s20004370
      s2000437029 days44 stars
      school picture day is a good book to read
      • onepunchman
        onepunchman29 days22 stars
        the them is compashon becus he nevre gave up on her he the picture taker kept tring to get her in
        • kmreader
          kmreaderabout 1 month55 stars
          Its a great book, it tells people to be Theirselves, because she kept taking apart things because she was curious, and in the end she ended up fixing the photographers camera and taking the picture!
          • linderi1
            linderi1about 1 month
            Good Book And Funny Im So Dead When She Figets And Breaks Stuff But She Is Useful Funny And Smart
            • audrey_1234
              audrey_1234about 1 month55 stars
              This book is amazing and funny it teaches people to be there self. This book is very cute and it has tons of awesome lessons, and it teaches kids to be there self. My fav part of the book is at the end when she fixes the camera better than it was before she fixes it from a not so good camera to a well working clean camera. Her mistakes lead up to her fixes.
              • lily122
                lily122about 1 month55 stars
                I loved this book. I like when the photographer is taking the pictures of the student and it was school picture day. My favorite part was when Josephine forgot it was school picture day and she set off the school sprinkler system and everyone got their picture all wet.
                • lacet
                  lacetabout 1 month55 stars
                  This book is cool. This book is about a adventurous girl who tinkers with everything she sees. I is picture day & she dose every thing different than everyone else. Then when the the camera brakes she can fix it & everyone is in the picture including the camera man. If you like this book you will like Magnetic.
                  • sunflower11
                    sunflower11about 1 month55 stars
                    This book is cool! I think that if you like books like Clovis keeps his cool this is an excellent choice for you . This book talks about a girl who keeps fidgeting with every thing she sees .But no one is proud they are all mad. But at the end she saves the day. This book inspired me to realize that no one has to be the same. so I think the theme is don't let anyone dull your sparkle . so all in all this book is amazing.
                    • avatarwill
                      avatarwillabout 1 month55 stars
                      This book is nice, I think the the theme is be yourself and it made me realize that the problem can become the solution .I liked the book because the girl keeps on the problem. You guys must read this book because of the drama.