Dog Man: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #1)

Dog Man: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #1)

By Dav Pilkey

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Book 1 of 10 in the  Dog Man Series
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New from the creator of Captain Underpants, it's Dog Man, the #1 New York Times bestselling, crime-biting canine who is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO!

George and Harold have created a new hero who digs into deception, claws after crooks, and rolls over robbers. When Greg the police dog and his cop companion are injured on the job, a life-saving surgery changes the course of history, and Dog Man is born. With the head of a dog and the body of a human, this heroic hound has a real nose for justice. But can he resist the call of the wild to answer the call of duty?

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN-13: 9781407140391
ISBN-10: 1407140396
Published on 7/6/2017
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 192

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Dog man is a cool action book

I love this book because it is good vs bad

I love this book it's so funny :D

If your a Dog Man fan like me I recommend this book because this is the first of all of the Dog Man books. .SPOILER ALERT! Shshshsh this book also talks about how Dog Man began (Hint) he got hurt somehow and they did something with a cop and a Dog... =Dog Man. Well that's the hint guys remember to like and follow my Beeeeeeyyyyyyyyy!🤗😎🤩😘

If you like comics give this one a try. I certainly had fond memories reading this.

I didn't really like this book. It wasn't something I liked, but some people might like it. Dog Man is all about crime and adventure, however the make it funny.

This is one of my favorite series! It has action, suspense, laughs and romance. I encourage you to check out the dog man series!

I loved this book! I have this book! I have the entire series! Trust me you won't regret reading this series!

I have the entire series too!

I love dog man books my friend have it wish I have it

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