Crown of Horns (Bone, Volume 9)

Crown of Horns (Bone, Volume 9)

By Jeff Smith

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Book 10 of 10 in the  Bone Graphic Novels Series
Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z ATOS Word Count
Grades 4 - 8 Grades 1 - 8 W 2.4 9115
BONE is more thrilling, adventurous, and hilarious than ever in this conclusion to Jeff Smith's bestselling comic book saga!

It's full-fledged war as Briar, the rat creatures, and the Pawan army storm the city of Atheia. The Bone cousins, Thorn, and Gran'ma Ben are all there to defend the Valley and stop the return of the Lord of the Locusts. When Thorn goes inside a ghost circle, she hears a voice urging her to seek the Crown of Horns. What follows is another dangerous journey for Thorn and loyal Fone Bone as they race to the sacred grounds of the dragons, searching for the one thing that may save them all. This is the breathtaking conclusion to Jeff Smith's nine-book graphic novel series.
Publisher: Graphix
Published on 2/28/2009
Binding: Paperback

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Parch Parch

Wow...I have to say this book is AWSOME

mr awesome mr awesome

this book is awesome

Good and meaning full. Good story.

I like the book because it had lots of action and it was an adventure. I like Bartleby because he is super duper cute and he is scared.

This is a really good book!!!!!! It has amazing battles and action! And this book is easy to read and it is a comic book!!!!!! Plus at the end, there is a unexpected ending!

When read some of the Bone books, it is so interesting!I read the #8 books, and it is so exciting!I wish I could read this book so bad!

its my favorite bone book I got 9 1 4 rose and treasure hunters

I love reading bone i read all of the books of bone it is a funny and a cool book to read and its a fun book to read and love this book

this book is really awsome i read it over and over again until i found big nate books. my sister sydney even likes it do you????

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