Skeleton Key (Alex Rider)

Skeleton Key (Alex Rider)

By Anthony Horowitz

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Book 3 of 10 in the  Alex Rider Series
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Grades 6 - 8 Grades 2 - 8 X 4.9 67344
Alex Rider has been through a lot for his fourteen years. He's been shot at by international terrorists, chased down a mountainside, and stood face-to-face with evil.  Twice, young Alex has saved the world. And twice, he has almost been killed doing it. But now Alex faces something even more dangerous. The desperation of a man who has lost everything he cared for: his country and his only son. A man who just happens to have a nuclear weapon and a serious grudge against the free world. To see his beloved Russia once again be a dominant power, he will stop at nothing. Unless Alex can stop him first.

The phenomenon that is the Alex Rider series returns with pulse-quickening action as, for the first time, Britain's MI6 and America's CIA unite forces. Be glad Alex is on our side.


Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
ISBN-13: 9781406325652
ISBN-10: 1406325651
Published on 3/1/2010
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 336

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Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz is about a boy named Alex rider who is a spy for M16 and is in Cayo Esqueleto. Alex is pretending to be a bat boy and almost get killed in the process. He is in the room of Alan blank and is going on a mission. He got on a plane and met two CIA agents. Alex is with Troy and the other CIA agent is with a salesman. To CIA agent go in a cave and get killed. Alex gets capered and is brought to a salt mill. He almost gets killed but don't. He is in captivity and there is no way out. If you like the I Survived series you would like Skeleton key.

Isaiah Huitt Isaiah Huitt

Good but the start i really didnt get

Narwhal Gamer12 Narwhal Gamer12

Started reading it and could not put it down

i decided to read this because it looks awesome and these types of books are my types

Alex rider skeleton key the author is anthony horwitz it is a realistic fiction is the genre. Alex rider is an action packed book that is a really good book and i love it alex is a fourteen year old spy.For mi6 the setting is in a cuban island and a crazy russian general wants to blow up some countrys in Europe. Alex is an ordinary fourteen year boy but he is a spy for mi6 and he is sent to a cuban island with fake parents.They are trying to find out what is up with the crazy russian general but when they find the secret way into his heavily guarded mansion. His it is under water but his fake parents get harpooned and alex gets attacked by a shark. But gets away and then the crazy russian general takes him into custody. My favorite part of the book is when the crazy russian general is about to blow up alex and part of the world. But alex gets away and kills the generals helper and the general. And stops him from detonating the huge bombs. I would recommend this book to action and adventure lovers who have a great sense of humor i love this book myself.

During the third book of the series Alex has settled back into normal life until Crawley turns up asking for Alex Rider's help. A break in was found at Wimbledon but nothing was taken or added. Alex then tries to stop an ex- Russian general called Alexei Sarov who targets the whole world. Anthony Horowitz again make a fascinating novel that you just can't stop reading. I strongly recommend this book to people that wants to read a exciting and action like novel.

I think that this book had the most unique storyline out of all the Man vs Man books (including Alex Rider books) that I have ever read. The thing that was so great was because in all Man vs Man books, the antagonist despises the protagonists and wants to kill him or her. But in this book it is the opposite. Major Sarov refuses to kill Alex Rider no matter what happens even threatening to whip him but he couldn't get the heart to do it. He had a super evil plan that made me hate him but at the same time I didn't hate him because he was still able to love. As I said, this was probably not the best book in the series but it definitely had the most unique storyline. Again Anthony Horowitz makes an action filled novel that I just couldn't put down. It was also the first book where Alex worked with the CIA.

This Book is amazing, in fact the whole series is! It is all about a teenage spy names Alex Rider who is always being forced into saving the world. I strongly recommend this book to all readers 10 or over who love a good action story! I literally could not put this book down!

This book is amazing!!!!!!!!!! It is the 3rd book in the Alex Rider series and I am currently looking for the 5th!!!!!!!!!!

i LOVE this alex rider full of comedy and action all so the first one i ever read

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