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    heyyyy I think the lady that went to the first march on wasinton that went at 16 she is right about how we still have work to do on martinlutherkings dream especially senice treyvon martin could not walk down the street with out getting harasset.martin did goodleading the things he did i cannot belive he got assassinated.it is nice that martins favorite gospel singer ured him to tell people about his dream.martin u are one of my many insperatins my #4 lol u did a great job in are community ur dream is being worked at but will be a success.i wonder if martin was scared for when he finished his speech there was a 5 sec wait then APLLUASEf Dr. King had been alive today, he would have been amazed at how far the country has progressed since that fateful day in Washington D.C., a mere 50 years ago and how people are still fulfilling his 'dream' by continuing to aspire for a better nation.
    Over 8 years ago

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