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    I haven't been on here in a long time, a long time…. Hi, I came here after checking the SF site after a while (to get OY folding instructions). *Allow me to introduce myself.* You can call me Echo, if you need to call me anything [because sharing my real name on here is a bad idea]. I've read the Origami books since Darth Paper came out when I was in elementary school and still like them, and I'm a very odd freshman now. My favorite character is C-3P0 obviously but I also like Yoda, Old Ben, and a lot of characters including Jocasta, was it? (from the Clone Wars 'Lightsaber Lost') and Chopper. [I actually think Jar-Jar Binks (!) is a little funny.] I am a Master Doodler and I love to read, but really the only thing I've managed to fold was a few Darth Papers (which I lost).But I HAVE created my own SW human, protocol droid, and Wookie characters. My favorite movie is Star Wars and I'm going to see 'The Force Awakens' today (bringing a Origami Yoda with me) but I also really like the Hobbit, book and movie, The Two Towers by J.R.R Tolkien, WondLa, and How to Train Your Dragon, book and movie. Anyways, I have read all the OY books and even been to the Smithsonian myself, as well as 5 Harry Potter books I think and up to the Prisoner of Askaban. (I really like her writing). Oh and I'm moving to Europe from America in a few months. Hamburgers are Plastic Dinosaurs, because everything else is awesome. I agree with Murky on that. May the Force be with you! *hums To The Sky by Owl City* And it would be awesome if there was an Origami Yoda movie… -Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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