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    This movie is a very good movie if you do not like animals getting killed or blood you should not go to the movie if but most people should defiantly watch it if you are five years or older because it is very cute there are not that many deadly parts. I recommend it to teachers because it is very educational and it tells a lot about the animals and they are very amazing adaptations that can teach the kids in your class a lot about the animals in it for the teachers. If you like to watch how animals grow their life cycle this is definitely a movie for you if you like Chinese legends this is a good movie for you and if you like baby animals this is what you want. The animals are a panda, snow leopard, golden snub-nosed monkey, chiru, red-crowned crane and a panda. This movie teaches you about what these creatures eat and what their diet is and how long they can survive with the meal. How they can survive in their terrain and how their coloration helps them it teaches you how much they defend themselves. How a monkey protects its young and how important the babies are to the herd the family and the flock and the way they protect each other and how some animals have to pass on as the crane carries the spirit away.
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