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    Don't give away the Ending!!! :( I read it but you just ruined it for everyone.
    Almost 9 years ago
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    This book is AMAZING! The summary: Tb (tony Bologna) Wants to get stardom on the Late Show with David Letterman. Of course, that is one crazy dream. First, he jumps rope on the toilet. Pretty risky. Then, he starts a food fight in the lunch room against Mean Dean. Next, he makes his dog jumps on a trampoline, Tony throws bouncy ball, but the dog catches it, then lands in the aquarium tank for the new fish!! Then he copies his hinder, and he drops the copies, in front of Mr.Gore. Mr.Gore Gets covered in red paint he was carrying! Then Tony runs onto a pro football at halftime in a bear suit and snatches the ball! Tony gets a call from David Letterman. WIll he get on the show?
    Almost 9 years ago
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    Almost 9 years ago

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