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    This movie is a sequel to Frozen. Both Frozen and Frozen II were completely different from regular Disney princess movies. To be completely honest, I don't like that most of the disney princess movies included the princes rescuing or saving the princess. After watching the first Frozen movie, I was in complete shock knowing that (SPOILER) Elsa had rescued Anna. I was overjoyed that Disney had a movie that produced girl empowerment. 6 years later, the second Frozen movie came out and my friends and I waited in anticipation to watch it. Just as expected, the movie included a great deal of songs, acceptance, and many interesting events. In Frozen II, everything starts off expected, a cheery town with Elsa as the queen. However, Elsa keeps experiencing unsettling feelings. One night, Elsa wakes up to hear a magical singing voice that leads her outside her castle to explore. Elsa abandons her kingdom to a journey to seek answers for herself. Where will this adventure lead Elsa? I loved this adorable, family movie. I would recommend this movie to any age and any person. :)
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    I had watched all of the Spy Kids movies before and was ecstatic when I realized I had owned the new movie in VUDU. The whole Spy Kids movie series is really kid friendly. However, in some scenes there can be minimal violence. The whole movie starts with, Marissa Cortez Wilson, who then retires on behalf of her family. She keeps her last career hidden to her husband and stepchildren. Rebecca, one of the stepchildren, is not quite fond of her new mom and refuses to acknowledge her. She still misses her mom whom died. The other stepchild, Cecil carries on with his life and attempts to make his sister move on as well. However, one day, a villian, Timekeeper attempts to take over the world which brings their mom back into the spy business. When their house goes under attack from the villain's henchmen the two stepchildren find out that their mom's spy career so they decide to take part in the action. When inside the spy headquarters the two bump into the old spy kids. There, the collect spy gadgets and a plan to save the world. Will their plan succeed or will both spy kids fail? This is an entertaining movie to watch with your whole family and I recommend it. Thank you for taking your time to read this and have an amazing day! :)
    About 6 hours ago
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    This movie was based off of a book. Therefor, when I had discovered there was a movie, I was extremely excited remembering that I had read the book as a kid. Overall, both movies and books were strange and wacky. Definitely not an ordinary movie you would watch on a weekly basis. This movie is unique and different. In the movie, there are four children, known as the Willoughby children. Tim, Jane, Barnaby A and Barnaby B have to experience flaws inside their family's relationship. The children had always been cast aside due to their neglectful and selfish parents. However, throughout this movie the Willoughby kids had always seemed to have hope in their parents. At one point, they had enough, so they sent their parents away to these different places. Each place was more deadly and dangerous than the last in hopes that the Willoughby children could become orphans at the end of the trip. While the parents are gone a nanny took care of them. At first all of the kids were defensive and suspicious towards the nanny. Each slowly warmed up to her as she was kind and absolutely loving. How long will the relationship between the nanny and the Willoughby children last? Will their parents survive the trip? Find out in the movie. I believe you that you would absolutely adore this heartwarming movie. I would, for sure, recommend this to almost about everyone!!
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    Hey everyone! I would like to shout out all of my followers! I love you guys so much and appreciate all of you! Thank you so much. <3
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    No problem! Your Avatar is cool and you seem really nice. I'm happy to be followed to you
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    Hey everyone I want to get another shoutout to my 20 followers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm overjoyed to have all you guys following me promise i will follow you back as soon as i found you followed me and i get onto DOGO thanks so much!!!
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