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    Hi guys and listen to TeagyTornado101 stay safe but that does not mean you can not have fun! Trust me I have been on many planes before Covid 19 this is a upgrade just letting the people who have not been on a plane know! Also if you do go on a plane for your first time bring something that will keep you busy for a couple hours trust me it boring up there! I also have been in a car that we drove for days planes are better the the best part about a plane is whne you first take of it feels like your in a rolercoster and your tummy feels weird I think the fatherest to the back you go the more it feels like a rolercoster when you take ! This is what they say "Hi guys pls sit down look above you there is a seatbelt sighn when ever the lights on that you have to keep your seat belt on and please if there is an emergincy but the oxangine taks on parents first so they can help there kids thank you and enjoy!"
    12 months ago

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