Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen (Ultimate Sticker Books)

Ultimate Sticker Book: Frozen (Ultimate Sticker Books)

By DK Publishing

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Featuring more than 60 colorful and reusable stickers, this sticker book allows fans of the hit Disney movie Frozen to play and learn more about their favorite characters including Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Follow fun-loving Princess Anna as she embarks on an adventure to find her sister Queen Elsa in Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Frozen. Meet her friends Olaf the snowman and Kristoff the ice harvester as they journey across the kingdom of Arendelle.

Ultimate Sticker Book: Disney Frozen features all the memorable characters, key locations, and iconic moments from the movie. With beautiful bright stickers and lively and informative captions, this ultimate sticker book is a must-have companion to Disney's Frozen.

Taking subjects that kids love, from dinosaurs to baby animals to transportation, DK's Ultimate Sticker Book series is packed with activities that are simple enough for children to do independently, but engaging enough to keep their interest. The series format helps develop dexterity, making these books products parents can trust, and ones that kids will want to keep picking up to learn more about their favorite subjects.

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Publisher: DK Children
ISBN-13: 9781465414052
ISBN-10: 1465414053
Published on 10/1/2013
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 16

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hi do you love frozen i do

You get to play a song ever days can't stop playing it

My sister has the book! I like how when you match the sticker with the fact and they give you a hint like what the sticker is called and the shape! I matched all the stickers!

This is an awesome book i love frozen sooooooooooo much

I have the book! I like how they tell the facts!

I love frozen! Frozen is my life I have so many stuff of frozen! I am the best frozen queen in the universe!

Im sure this would be okay, but of course not as good as the actual movie. I have one question for people who read it already. Did it come out before or after the movie?