The Outsiders (M Books)

The Outsiders (M Books)

By S.E. Hinton

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Grades 7 - 12Grades 10 - 9Z4.748523
Ponyboy is 14 years old, tough and confused, yet sensitive beneath his bold front. Since his parents' deaths, his loyalties have been to his brothers and his gang, the rough boys from the wrong side of the tracks. When his best friend kills a member of a rival gang, a nightmare of violence begins and quickly envelops Ponyboy in a turbulent chain of events.
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN-13: 9780425288290
ISBN-10: 0425288293
Published on 11/1/2016
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 224

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This book is about a young teenage boy named ponyboy Curtis, he lives with his brothers Darry which he thinks might just hate him, and Sodapop ;a movie star looking greaser. One night ponyboy and his friend Johnny get jumped by a Soc named Bob and his gang. Couldn't get worse right? Well it just did. Turns out Johnny killed Bob. Ponyboy and Johnny run away. Have they started there life of crime?? Will they be able to uncover what happened and tell the truth? Will ponyboy ever get to see his brothers again ( even if one hates him?) Well find out in this book The Outsiders number 1 best selling book made by S.E Hinton! I recommend this book to 6th grade and up. Its a thrilling novel with lots of action, some good times, some bad times, and the very bad times.....

great review but only 1 thing darry doesn't hate him he's just hard on him so he doesn't get in trouble

From Teen author S.E. Hinton comes a compelling tale of a fierce rivalry between the Socs- the privileged, the jet-set, the west side rich kids, and the wilder, lower-class Greasers. When 14-year-old greaser Ponyboy and his best friend Johnny get jumped by the Socs one night, things go terribly wrong. His life in a whirlwind, Pony struggles to find his way in the world with his parents long gone he must seek the aid of his brothers, Soda and Darry, and the gang, friends as close as brothers- he knows where his loyalties lie, but he knows he can't live this way forever- what will he do?

This book was okay because it contained some content that shouldn't be there for kids to read. It talked about smokers that were kids, death, and other violence. Ponyboy's parents died, but he still has his brothers and the other greasers. They are like a gang, but when Something happens in Pony's household, he runs away with Johnny. What happens next will blow your mind, but also make you very sad. As I said, this book was okay, but I still recommend this book for ages 16 and up.

This book is almost like a retelling of West Side Story, with slighly younger characters. It may be a little violent, with murders and gang fights, but it is an overall very wonderful book.

This book was amazing and I loved it so much. it was all about the group of boys (the greasers) and their life and how it was so tough for them and the way that they were treated in the world with disrespect. I loved this book so much and I would more than happily read it again.

This is book is truly a work of art. It displays a group of boys (greasers) who are despised just by the way they dress , look , and act. Which is something many young kids may relate too in the fact that this is still going on in the world today. There is also another group on the other side of town call the soc's and they are the ones who judge the greasers just because they don't live the fancy life or have nice cars. They judged them for something that was so ridiculous , but the greasers changed for the good of themselves and not for the good of others. There is another lesson to be learned from this book it is the lesson of friendship. The greasers stuck together through everything and anything. There were always there for each other no matter what and they always forgave each other if somebody did something wrong. Another, thing is that they stuck up for each other. This book is a must for people who are interested in books about friendship, rivalry , and more.

I am homeschooled and I had to read this for a book club. I don't really like reading classics as they are written in that old style, but I really enjoyed this.

Yayeet Yayeet

Oh boy as I have a deep respect for the author who wrote this book, writing it at the young age of just 16, you can tell so by the writing style and diction I still believe that you should just skip the book and watch the movie because the best thing you are going to get out of the story line is Rob lowe👌

I also had to read this book in school! :)

I think this book is one of the best reads on planet earth and is so correct about how things used to be back in those years

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