The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1

The Light Tamer: The :Light Tamer Trilogy book 1

By Devyn Dawson

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"One of the sweetest books I've ever read! A must read for YA lovers." - Shelly Crane, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of Significance and Wide Awake Jessie moves to New Bern, NC only to find out Fate brought her to this new reality. With a touch of a fingertip, Caleb and Jessie bind together. He's been waiting for her since his Mother died. They're thrown into a world mixed with mythology, and magic powers. Fate has something in store for the young couple. Fate brought Amber, the fun loving, risk taker into their lives. Amber's sarcasm will make you laugh out loud. This book is intended for 13 and over.
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN-13: 9781475185805
ISBN-10: 1475185804
Published on 4/14/2012
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 300

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This book started as a three star book and slowly went down. Ten pages before the end it was going to get 2.5 but the last 5 pages made me round down. But I'll get to that later. I had a lot of issues with 'The Light Tamer'. Before I even get to plot, there were serious grammar issues. I felt like the book hadn't been proofread. Now, keep in mind I was reading on a kindle (it was free last week) and I do find those have more errors than a hard copy book. The dialogue felt stilted and awkward. I can look past that if it doesn't lead to confusion but this is not the case. 16 year olds would be dropping contractions every where in their speech. These characters speak to formally. Now that can work, take 'The Mysterious Benedict Society', for example, but in 'TMBS' these are the smartest 12 year olds in the country, not an average 16 year old. (Wow, I'm one to talk about grammar issues. That was quite the run on!) My next issue was with the Shakespeare quotes. There was one at the beginning of every chapter, and unlike other books (sorry, couldn't think of one.) it didn't really work or relate to the story. Next, the action scenes in this book moved much to quickly. I didn't really understand what was going on (with the exception of one scene). The Light Tamer is about Jessie and Caleb who are Light Tamers and have the ability to control light. They are 'bonded' (think imprinting in Twilight) and spend most of the book developing their powers and making out. They also have the Twilight 'gifts'. You now know as much as I know about the plot. The plot in this book develops very fast. We need to see what kind of person Jessie is and how her life is different without Caleb, BEFORE they start making out on page 15. We need to see how Caleb changes her as a person. (If we agree that this is a romance book, then that's what needs to happen.) So since Jessie is such a strong Light Tamer and she and Caleb are bonded, Jessie can 'think' to Caleb, or Caleb can read her thought. This pretty funny, especially in the beginning of the book when Jessie thinks about how hot Caleb is. Again, there are errors. Caleb should be able to read ALL her thoughts. So if the exposition says that Jessie wonders what Amber's issue is, CALEB SHOULD HEAR IT. There were a lot of these inconsistentses. Now *semi-SPOILER* in the middle of the book they drop this big "and it's from mythology." What? No. It's not. That just doesn't work in the story. 'The Light Tamer' had several spoilers like this and they just don't feel real. I can't read near my family because I drive them crazy: "And person has amnesia!" *Gasp!* I didn't do that with this book, until around page 200. (When someone actually got amnesia) That twist almost brought the book up to three stars and would have if it anded there. However, it shouldn't take 200 pages for me to be surprised by a twist. And this twist was immediately resolved. The book should have ended with Clark and Jessie being jerks. Not with a lover's reunion. This actually was an ok book but it didn't feel real enough. I know this is a trilogy but I don't see any need to read book two. Cliffhangers bug me, but they keep me guessing and in anticipation. Sorry for the super long review! Thanks for reading!