The Keeper: The Unguarded Story of Tim Howard Young Readers' Edition

The Keeper: The Unguarded Story of Tim Howard Young Readers' Edition

By Tim Howard

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In this heartwarming and candid memoir, US national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard does something he would never do on a soccer field: he drops his guard. Howard opens up for the first time about how a hyperactive kid from New Jersey with Tourette Syndrome defied the odds to become one of the world's premier goalkeepers. Howard managed to keep his condition in check well enough to be drafted by Major League Soccer right out of high school.

After a successful seventeen-year professional soccer career, Howard became an overnight star during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His heroic performance in goal for the United States against Belgium, in which he saved an astonishing fifteen shots—the most for any goalkeeper in a World Cup game—made him a household name as well as a trending internet meme. In the course of 120 minutes, Howard went from a player known mainly by soccer fans to an American icon, loved by millions for his dependability, daring, and humility.

In this uplifting memoir adapted for young readers, Howard shares his remarkable journey from a challenging childhood in which he was raised by a single mother who instilled in him a love of sports and a devout Christian faith that helped him deal with the onset of Tourette's in fifth grade.

This book includes an 8-page full-color photo insert and a poster on the other side of the book jacket.

Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN-13: 9780062387585
ISBN-10: 0062387588
Published on 5/26/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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This book got me into soccer. I love it to this day. This heartbreaking and emotional book will catch your eye. Everyday I remind my self that I want to be Tim Howard. He has had a very touching life and has had struggles but persevered. This book is real life and that is what I like about it, it talks about when he grew up, his struggles, and soccer games. I would give this book a five star rating everyday.

Have you ever felt left out and like you can't do anything about it? Like you can't control your life? That's how Tim Howard felt in the beginning of this great book called The Keeper by Tim Howard with Ali Benjamin. Now, this isn't a story about how no matter what happens, Tim Howard will always come out on top. It's not a story about Tim Howard saving every single shot that comes his way. This book is real life. This shows how life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Especially for Tim Howard. You see, Tim Howard has a disease called TS,(Tourette syndrome.). That makes the protagonist and antagonist of this book, Tim Howard, because when he was a kid, he always tried to hide his disease and he was always fighting with himself, trying to not let the disease control him. That's one conflict in this book that gets resolved by Tim as an adult becoming open about his Tourette syndrome, so kids around the world can have an easier time dealing with it than he did. Another conflict is when Tim gets benched for one mistake on Manchester United and he doesn't think that's fair, so he goes to play for Everton as the starting goalie. The conflict gets resolved in a game pitting Manchester United against Everton, but you'll have to read the book to see how it gets resolved. This book shows around a 35-40 year portion of Tim Howard's still continuing life. If you love soccer like I do or even if you don't this book has an amazing and inspiring story, because there's just as many bad moments in his life as good which makes this book real, true and a big recommend.

Nice review awesome job