Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

By Mildred D. Taylor

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Winner of the 1977 Newbery Medal, this is a remarkably moving novel--one that has impressed the hearts and minds of millions of readers. Set in Mississippi at the height of the Depression, it is the story of one family's struggle to maintain their integrity, pride, and independence in the face of racism and social injustice. And, too, it is Cassie's story--Cassie Logan, an independent girl who discovers over the course of an important year why having land of their own is so crucial to the Logan family, even as she learns to draw strength from her own sense of dignity and self-respect.
Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN-13: 9780673583321
ISBN-10: 0673583325
Binding: Library Binding
Number of pages: 276

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I read it and I loved it. After the civil war was over. Slavery never really ended. Blacks we're still harassed(to create a hostile situation for someone) and were treated badly. From being pushed off the road to having kerosene poured in them. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry tells us that the government isn't perfect (which I seen at the end), people are put in prison even if they were innocent. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry also tells us that people are still being judged by their race and by their color( which is kinda the same thing.) This book goes to show that people need help. It also warns us not to be like others. When we see it in like movies it's not the same as reading about the life's of those who were treated horribly. Though these people weren't real they show us how hard it was for those who were treated horribly. But we know now how bad it was and how those people felt.

Once slavery was over, it wasn't really over. African Americans were still treated horribly. That's what I think this book is trying to say. Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry is a great book that reflects what black people had to deal with. From getting pushed into the road, to getting Kerosene poured over their body's, they had to persevere through it all. I think the author is trying to help people understand how things really were back then. Even though this family is not real, people went through the very same things they did in the story. In school and at home we really don't learn enough black history. We don’t learn that how they were treated was so bad. We learn that they were treated badly but this book really goes into the lives of a family and really showed how hard it was for them.