Magic in the Mix

Magic in the Mix

By Annie Barrows

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Molly and Miri Gill are twins. They look the same, act the same, sometimes even think the same. But they weren't always twins. . . . Molly used to live in 1935, until Miri traveled back in time to save her from the clutches of Molly's evil adoptive family. Only they know about the magic, and its power to set things right. So when home repairs unleash more unexpected magic from their very special . . . very magical old house, the girls set off on another time-traveling adventure to the Civil War where they race against the clock to save two unusual soldiers and come to terms with the truth about Molly's real past.
Brimming with lovable characters and spine-tingling magic, this long-awaited sequel will bring a whole new batch of readers to Annie Barrows' highly acclaimed, wonderfully popular world of twin-inspired magic.

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ISBN-13: 9781619637986
ISBN-10: 1619637987
Published on 10/20/2015
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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Erogon_Gurl Erogon_Gurl

wow i really want to read the rest of this book. :D :p

joey joey

i think magic is really cool i have never read this book

Miri and Molly live in a family of 8.Three sets of twins (including Miri and Molly),and a dad and a mom.The Gill family,but there wasn't always 3 sets of twins.There was just Robbie and Ray,Nell and Nora,and Miri who was the middle child without a twin.One day magic happened to Miri and she went back in time,and rescued Molly from her mean 1935 family.Things have been going good for the two girls Miri and Molly.Everyone thought they where twins sense day 1 and no one thought differently,but one day while there playing with there camera there grandma gave them and there new kitten.The house that is being fixed up (or porch) takes them back in time,all the way back to 1918.The magic only takes them back in time to fix things.When they arrive there they meet a 17 year old girl who Molly acts really rude towards the girl. Miri's never seen Molly act so rude so she has to step up and be nice to the girl to cover for Moll's rudeness.Afterwards when they leave Miri begs Molly to tell her why she was acting so rude (which is unlikely of Molly),and Molly tells her.Is this seventeen year old girl the reason the magic took them back in time?Will Miri stay with this girl if she doesn't die?Will everything change after meeting her?I'll let you be the judge of those questions ;).Also I strongly recommend this book to anyone.It's very interesting,fun,and it's filled with mystery's that will have you questioning many things.

This book is a great sequel to "The Magic Half" and was way better than I thought it would be. The book follows main characters Molly and Miri. In this book, they're trying to save their brothers Robbie and Ray from getting in trouble. But with a magic time-traveling house, trouble is the first thing they get. The girls are puzzled when they're transported back to the past - and see Molly's mom as a child. Then there's a certain Civil War incident, that Robbie and Ray also get tangled up in, and almost die. "Magic in the Mix" is the perfect blend of historical fiction and fantasy that any reader who has read "The Magic Half" will love. Get ready, because the Gill twins are back in another adventure filled story that you won't want to put down!

This was a great sequel to "The Magic Half." It was sweet and strong at the same time. It starts off with Miri and Molly, helping their brothers Robbie and Ray "not get in trouble." A way for Robbie and Ray to redeem their mom and teachers trust and grade was to reenact the Civil War, with other people. But Robbie and Ray got them a kitten, which the kitten plays a significant role in this story. So when they all travel back to the Civil War( including the kitten named Cookie), what happens? How are they able to get back? Will they meet other people who impacted Molly and Miri's future? Will they find the truth behind this? So many questions asking to be answered... well it's up to you to finish and read the rest. So READ it!!! I thought it was a page turner, and it got me to be interested, so you should read it!

I have read the first book, "The Magic Half", and it was AWESOME!!!! I just can't wait to read this second one! :-)

This book was so so so so so so so so so so good!!!!!!!! It was sort of a fantasy/nonfiction story because there are real things about the Civil War, but things were also not real because the girls went back in time. It was about two girls who had experienced some magic long ago, and now again! They go to many places together, and then their brothers fall back in time. While the girls try to save their brothers, a lot of things happen. Like, they meet a Civil war guy named Carter that's very mean. I think the book was meant for both boys and girls because in the story, Molly and Miri were the main characters, but Robby and Roy were like second-to-first characters. My favorite characters were Molly and Miri because in the story whenever something went wrong, Molly and Miri handled it. I like that it is fantasy with facts because it's an interesting way to learn about real-life things. I hope you liked it!!!!!!!!

Gabriella Gabriella

lol love it

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