Escaping the Giant Wave

Escaping the Giant Wave

By Peg Kehret

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The Worst Vacation Ever!

Thirteen-year-old Kyle thought spending a vacation on the Oregon coast with his family would be great. He'd never flown before, and he'd never seen the Pacific Ocean.

One evening Kyle is left in charge of his younger sister, BeeBee, while his parents attend an adults-only Salesman of the Year dinner on an elegant yacht.

Then the earthquake comes -- starting a fire in their hotel! As Kyle and BeeBee fight their way out through smoke and flame, Kyle remembers the sign at the beach that said after an earthquake everyone should go uphill and inland, as far from the ocean as possible. Giant tsunami waves -- three or four stories high can ride in from the sea and engulf anyone who doesn't escape fast enough.

Kyle and BeeBee flee uphill as a tsunami crashes over the beach, the hotel, and the town. The giant wave charges straight up the hillside and through the woods where the children are running for their lives. The perfect vacation has become a nightmare! Somehow Kyle and BeeBee have to outwit nature's fury and save themselves from tsunami terror.

Publisher: Aladdin
ISBN-13: 9780689852732
ISBN-10: 0689852738
Published on 9/1/2004
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 160

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This book is amazing. I love the plot of this book. It really impressive, because the plot, the way that the author describe everything and the characters. Kyle is a really brave boy. Even though they were in dangerous. This is the book that makes me want to read again and again.

It is such a good book! How can anybody not like it!

This book is really, really good. The Howard County Library System must have thought so too! It's a Battle of the Books book. Escaping the Giant Wave has so many descriptive details that the book just comes alive.

I did not really like this book. I kind of just lost interest. I don't really remember what it is about. Okay, bye.

Cool!haven't seen this one at the library yet!

My friend read this book she couldn't put it down

I've read a little of this book and so far I tryed to read all of this in 3rd grade but I never realy got to read it heres another book stolen children this is by the same author and the book I'm reading is my brother made me do it I'm almost done with it so you should try to read all these books and these are all by the same author and I have read stolen children it's good read it. And this is my favorite author so read read read! And thats all I will try to finish this book my brother made me do it. :)