By Doug TenNapel

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Cam's down-and-out father gives him a cardboard box for his birthday and he knows it's the worst present ever. So to make the best of a bad situation, they bend the cardboard into a man-and to their astonishment, it comes magically to life. But the neighborhood bully, Marcus, warps the powerful cardboard into his own evil creations that threaten to destroy them all!
Publisher: GRAPHIX
ISBN-13: 9780545418737
ISBN-10: 0545418739
Published on 8/1/2012
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 288

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What I liked about this book was because it showed how all of the characters actually felt and it was funny the illustrations were good and just the book in general was really good I liked that it showed if you believe in things they might come true which was really good because I have not read many books like that an those are the books I like to read too.

I love this book I like the cardboard Dad they should have made a cardboard Cam. It was amazing I will give it a 1,000 persent

It's Cam's birthday and his father doesn't have much money. So while he is driving home he stops at a cheap toy stand and guys a cardboard box... Why? So he and cam can have fun a child something together. So they build a boxer name Bill and a little while later Bill comes alive! Cam & Bill are in the yard later on and the street bully Marcus comes and tries to hurt Bill because he is jealous. In fact, Marcus is so jealous of Cam having an actual friend that he takes them cardboard maker that they made and makes a lot of cardboard monsters! But what happens when the monsters turn on Marcus? Read this amazing graphic novel to find out!! Recommended for 12+ Thanks for reading -Ajg16's Reviews

Cam's family is very poor, so his dad can't afford to buy him a present.....except for the box. When Cam gets a cardboard box for his birthday, he and his dad build a detailed model of the best boxer ever! And at comes to life! But when Marcus gets his hands on the cardboard Maker Machine, things start to go wrong...... Great for all ages, especially if you want a break from chapter books! It's an easy read with great morals about friendship and being greedy. --BKS reviews

It's such an amazing book

this book is very interesting and fun I suggest anyone from ages 8-12 would really like this book. (it's really short because I do NOT want to make any SPOILERS) BUT THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ FOR THE 8-12 PEOPLE.

I just finished reading this it was a awesome book!!

This is very good!

This book is about when a dad got a cardboard box for Cam's birthday. After making a a boxer, it came to life. Cam's friend-enimie,Marcus messed up the boxer,Bill legs. They built a cardboard creater to make it. Marcus took it! Marcus made evil thing. Cam stopped it. But after the mess Marcus's and Cam's house were destroyed. They built a new house and found someone named William who looks like Bill, they hired him. The End, Story Over!

I read the whole book. It's kinda weird.

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