Because of Anya

Because of Anya

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Grades 4 - 8 Grades 3 - 5 n/a 4.6 21002
Ten-year-old girls don’t wear wigs.

So why is Anya wearing one? That’s what Keely wants to know. But when Anya’s wig falls off in front of the whole class, Keely realizes what she really wants is to help Anya, even though she’s not sure how—and even though it means she’ll have to do something she’s afraid of: stand up to her friends.

As for Anya, she just wants her hair to grow back, but no one can tell her whether it ever will. How can she learn to accept her disease when she can’t even look in the mirror?
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
ISBN-13: 9780689869938
ISBN-10: 0689869932
Published on 5/1/2004
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 128

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gymnastgirl200 gymnastgirl200

I love this book and I feel bad for anya and no one is nice to her. I think it was mean of Stef to make Keely do that to anya

Anya has a disease that makes her hair fall out. That is why she wears a wig. She hopes no one will notice. but the most popular (and mean) girl in the class does. Her name is Stef. Stef and her "possy talk about what to do "help her". In this heart-breaking story of a girl with Alopecia Areta you find a soft spot for people who have disabilites or diseases.

I also think people should read this book because some people don't realize that you actions don't just hurt you they affect other people I'm in third grade so I've experienced this a lot in my class

this book is so amazing soem of it i feel so bad for anya but i still love it so much

This is heart wrenching story of how not knowing the whole story can present bigger problems for a person. Anya begins to lose her hair due to a disease that she has. However, some curious, cruel girls begin to gossip and develop a plan to find out why. They go to such extremes that they humiliate Anya and make her problem even worse. Every student should read this book, to learn about the power of their own words.