Report to the Principal's Office (Spinelli, Jerry. School Daze.)

Interest LevelReading LevelReading A-ZATOSWord Count
Grades 4 - 8Grade 5n/a4.524735
Four new students at Plumstead Middle School--unhappy Sunny; Eddie, who just wants to survive; Salem, the writer; and the inimitable Pickles--must adjust to a new environment and each other with nothing in common but Humphrey the hamster.
Paperback, 134 pages
Published on June 1, 1991 by Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 0590444026
ISBN-13: 9780590444026
6 Book Reviews
  • okezie
    okezie6 months
    The book is fantastic
    • weirdobeardo738
      weirdobeardo738over 2 years55 stars
      This book is my favorite! I loved the comedy, drama and adventure that these 4 sixth graders go through. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
      • lol183
        lol183over 4 years33 starsFeatured
        Report to the principals office is a dramatic, funny, creative book about a few middle school students. Sunny, being separated from her best friend, Hillary. There is a new principal, who went on the students profiles and knew them all. Pickle Johnson, disobeying the rules gets him into some trouble. A journalist who has to write everything she sees to make a book. Eddie, who gets bullied his first day at school and takes a bit of a risk. Besides all these kids, there is one more trouble maker, the principal. Will these kids and the principal make it through the next few years of middle school? I recommend this book to grades 3+. It is the perfect book for those mischievous kids out there. I love that this book is so full of wonder and excitement!
        • lol183
          lol183over 4 years33 starsFeatured
          This book is about girl nicknamed ‘Sunny’, dosen’t seem that sunny when her school had too much students and had to give her to another new school. This plan complicates her friendship with her best friend, Hillary. At her new school, she was trying to get herself expelled and traded with a student from her old school to be with Hillary. Along with her plan, there are also some mischievous kids in her new school. Johnson, nicknamed ‘Pickle’ brings his skateboard into school and gets the new principal to take a ride on it. This leads to the principal knocking into a social studies teacher’s desk. There is also another girl who always Wright’s what she sees for a fantastic story, then there is Eddie, who becomes best friends with the journalist. These kids can be tricky, I recommended the book to grades 4+
          • smanning
            Ms. Manningabout 8 years
            Level U
            • lolfriend687
              lolfriend687about 8 years44 stars
              great book. highly recommended