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Grades 6 - 8Grades 3 - 5n/a4.781217

In this fast-paced dystopian thrill ride, perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Legend, and Divergent, a seventeen-year-old girl returns from death as a Reboot and is trained as an elite crime-fighting soldier . . . until she is given an order she refuses to obey.

Wren Connolly died five years ago, only to Reboot after 178 minutes. Now she is one of the deadliest Reboots around . . . unlike her newest trainee, Callum 22, who is practically still human. As Wren tries to teach Callum how to be a soldier, his hopeful smile works its way past her defenses. Unfortunately, Callum’s big heart also makes him a liability, and Wren is ordered to eliminate him. To save Callum, Wren will have to risk it all.

Wren’s captivating voice and unlikely romance with Callum will keep readers glued to the page in Amy Tintera’s high-stakes alternate reality.

Hardcover, 384 pages
Published on April 29, 2013 by HarperTeen
ISBN-10: 0062217070
ISBN-13: 9780062217073
5 Book Reviews
  • risa_i
    risa_iThursday, February 25, 2016 at 6:53 am
    Reboot is a book about how Wren died already, but 178 minutes later, she woke up, and became a reboot. The longer it takes you to wake up, the more emotionless you will be. Unexpectedly, she chose Callum, which is known as 22, to mentor. Callum’s still quite human since it only took a short amount of time for him to wake up. Together, they found out all the truths, and started the whole adventure. My favorite part of this book is when Callum and Wren working/talking together. I also love the part when Wren decided to escape instead of letting Callum to get eliminated. Wren continually helped Callum, which was one of the most important fact of why I love her as a character in the book. Overall, I love this book, and I’ll definitely recommend this to people who are into adventurous stories.
    • alicew
      alicewThursday, December 3, 2015 at 1:11 am55 stars
      Reboot by Amy Tintera is the first book of the trilogy. Wren is a reboot, a huan that died of the KDH virus, but 178 minutes later, she came back, she became stronger, fast, and able to heal. But because she died for 178, she is basically a souless robot. The longer you die, the less emotional you are, like Wren, but Callum, the male character, he was only dead for 22 minutes, he is basically still human. The story is going to be about Wren and Callum's adventure and how they found the truth of HARC, the center for reboots. My favorite character in this book is Wren, I feel like even though everyone said she doesn't have a heart, but Callum really changed who she is and I feel like no one is going to be heartless because although you died for 178, there is still some part in you that's human, it just need a paticular thing to let it out. I would definetly recommend this book for the people who likes science fiction because this story is talking about advanced human and maybe how the future of mankind would be like.
      • unicornzSaturday, April 12, 2014 at 12:26 pm
        I was having trouble reading books and FINISHING them, but this book took me out of my trance. Amy Tintera is a fantastic writer, there are many fangirl worthy moments, I was on edge, much action, and just so much piecing together. This book gets you thinking, and fangirling and soo much. The book's cliffhanger didn't leave you dying. It left you at a wonder. The next book isn't going to be a 'I have to read this!' sort of ordeal. But I'm sure going to buy it!
        • snemeth
          snemethThursday, February 27, 2014 at 7:38 pm
          It was really good. Best read.
          • xxpish
            xxpishThursday, February 27, 2014 at 4:48 amFeatured
            In Amy Tintera’s debut novel Reboot, Wren Conolly is a reboot—a human who died and came back to life, and is now faster, stronger and heals quicker. Reboots live in a building of the Human Advancement and Repopulation Corporation (HARC). She is a soldier, and along with that, the strongest reboot in the Republic of Texas. After she was shot in the chest three times and killed, she returned as a reboot in 178 minutes. Other reboots have lower reboot numbers, like 72, or 124. The higher the number, the more deadly you are. Enter Callum Reyes, one of the lowest of the low—a 22. When he arrives at the HARC building, he meets Wren, who sees something in him. On selection day she chooses him, even though she is known for choosing reboots with the highest numbers. When Callum is forced to make a choice to go on a real-life mission or be killed because of his low performance, Wren knows she has to help him. She makes an escape plan, to go to the rumored Reboot Reservation Camp run by rebels to escape HARC. In a thrilling, action-packed dystopian debut, Amy Tintera creates a story that is sure to leave readers wanting more. This book was incredible. The story was so full of action, suspense and awesomeness that it was hard to put down. The world that the author created is amazing. This was definitely one of the best dystopians I have ever read. The idea is very unique and cool—people dying and then coming back to life again, as a zombie-like, more advanced human. Tintera describes the setting really well, and Wren and Callum were well written. I cannot wait for the sequel, Rebel, the final book in the duology, as well as more books by Amy Tintera. Readers can get Reboot from Amazon for $13.58 in hardcover, and $8.99 in paperback. Barnes and Noble’s website lists the book for $13.56 in hardcover, and $9.99 in paperback. Readers can also purchase Reboot in-store from Barnes and Noble and BookPeople for the list price of $17.99. The sequel, “Rebel,” comes out on May 13.