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Grades 4 - 8Grade 5U4.941101
Twelve-year-old Mackenzie "Mac" Lowell's dreams have come true. Thanks to her mom scoring the coolest job EVER, Mac is going from boy band fanatic to official tour member of her favorite group, Perfect Storm. Good thing she's brought along her journal so she can record every moment, every breath, and every one of lead singer Zander Welling's killer smiles in written detail and daydreamy doodles.

But between a zillion tour stops and pranks gone wrong, Zander and his fellow band members, Heath Holland and Kyle Beyer, become more like brothers to Mac. When the boys' differences start to drive them apart, can Perfect Storm's biggest fan remind them why they'reperfect together? It'll be up to Mac--and her comic-book alter ego, Mac Attack--to keep the band together and on the road to stardom

Chronicling her experiences on tour, Mac's journal springs to life with black-and-white illustrations and comic-book panels throughout its pages.
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published on December 1, 2015 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN-10: 0316259721
ISBN-13: 9780316259729
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  • ginnylovegood
    ginnylovegoodMonday, July 18, 2016 at 3:34 pm
    V.I.P I’m With the Band did not reach up to my expectations. The summary of the book sounded much better than the book actually was. In the summary, it implied that the climax of the story is when the girl's favorite band has a big fight; In the book, it was a problem that got solved very quickly after it started, which I didn't like. The characters were fun and entertaining for me, but the book not so much. I recommend this book for 4th- 5th graders.
    • coolgirlintown
      coolgirlintownThursday, July 14, 2016 at 8:08 am11 star
      I do not know why but I did not like this book at all. Like I said I do not know why. I mean some parts were funny and some were not and whenever there is a book I do not like I always say it is not the anthers fault. and in this book it was not her fault I did not like it.
      • inventor60
        inventor60Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 5:13 am
        Mac is on tour with her fav band!! This is exciting. But problems begin to approach when the band members start to well, go against each other. It is all up to Mac now, time to save the Perfect Storm.
        • tbugsoccer67
          tbugsoccer67Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 11:55 am44 stars
          This book is about a girl who loves a band called Perfect Storm. (PS) One day her mom got tickets to see their concert. Then the band starts to fall apart. Will Mackenzie get the band together again? Read the book to find out.
          • 400bella
            400bellaSunday, June 26, 2016 at 10:48 am55 stars
            This book is so good I loved reading it I wish my parent was a band helper! I am so glad my sister has it so I can read it more.
            • yellowcake
              yellowcakeFriday, June 24, 2016 at 6:09 pm33 stars
              12 year old Mackenzie Lowell is obsessed with the boy band Perfect Storm. when her mom gets a job as PS'S tour manager Mac is very excited. especially because she gets to go to. While on tour she has fun, makes new friends and discovers even more about her favorite band.
              • kjtennis
                kjtennisFriday, June 24, 2016 at 12:55 pm44 stars
                Mackenzie is in love with Perfect Storm, her favorite boy band. Zander is dreamy, Kyle is quiet, and Heath is goofy. When her mom scores backstage passes to their concert, Mac is so excited. She wants to record all her adventures in her journal, and show the band her drawings. But when the boys seem to start to drift apart, will Mac be able to keep them together???
                • jeffdaboss
                  jeffdabossMonday, June 20, 2016 at 11:20 am44 starsFeatured
                  This book was really good! It's about 12 year old McKenzie(Mac) whose Mom ends up getting a job for her favorite band: Perfect Storm! She now has the opportunity to go to their every concert, see their natural behavior, and possibly get Zander to date her. All of this can happen to her because her Mom is their tour manager! But once Mac's in the tour buses and hotels, she realizes things are different. Heath is really into pranks, but is there like a brother. Zander isn't as perfect and modest as he seems on stage. And then there's Kyle. Mac always thought of Kyle as shy, timid, and a cute boy who can play guitar. But she learns more about him. He writes songs, isn't too seemingly shy, and seems to really like Mac. Or is that just Mac. Things go up and down, but the worst thing happens that will break everyone's heart: Perfect Storm might break up! But once Mac gets on the scene, she does what not even her Mom could do, get the boys to forgive and forget. Once the tour is over, Mac finally tells Kyle she likes him, and he says he likes her back. I can't wait for the sequel: VIP: Battle of the Bands!
                  • midnightluna
                    midnightlunaTuesday, June 14, 2016 at 3:02 pm44 stars
                    This story is about Mackenzie "Mac" Lowell's journey with the boy band Perfect Storm... Well the Diary verison. Mac's totally in love with the lead singer Zander Welling, and hangs out with bands members Heath Holland and Kyle Beyen. this is one book you'll love!
                    • vivi10
                      vivi10Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 4:21 pm55 stars
                      mackemzie lowell gets to go with a boy band itn was one of her fav bands because her mom has the coolest job ever vip

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